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The poll that excited France

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Last September, Eric Zemmour (writer, journalist, and Ultra-Right TV star) was touring France. Promoting his book, he was uncharacteristically coy about his Presidential intentions. 902 mots de plus

Le Pen

Potpourri time [19 days to Round One]

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One shouldn’t vote Mélenchon, One should vote Mélenchon, One shouldn’t vote Mélenchon, One should …

Yesterday, anguishing over the democratic ‘advantages’ of voting for the Hard-Left’s Jean-Luc Mélenchon, I unforgivably omitted a couple of issues. 1 264 mots de plus

Le Pen

Ceci n'est pas une campagne électorale. [70 days to Election Day]

(5 minutes read)

Valérie Pécresse has been stuck in the infamous January Doldrums.

Endless bad news has assailed her stalled campaign. Pécresse metaphorically (and momentarily) held aloft Sarkozy’s dog-whistle… 1 532 mots de plus

Le Pen

Excalibur? No, Karcher.

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It began (as did so many bad things) with Nicolas Sarkozy.

In France, Kärcher‘s high-pressure washers are everywhere. But the name has become synonymous with Hard-Right language evoking tough action against gangs and ‘The Other’ on public housing estates. 1 062 mots de plus


The Reconquest: In 2022 elections, an Algerian Islamophobe wants to purge France from 'the Muslim peril’

December 09 2021

French Islamophobe and presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is electrifying the far-right with his racist polemics. Himself a Berber Jew from Algeria, Zemmour means « noisy horn » in Arabic. 1 984 mots de plus

Pepe Escobar

justament.de, 29.11.2021: Ihr siebter Streich

Carla Bruni auf ihrer aktuellen CD „Carla Bruni“

Thomas Claer

Es ist schon etwas länger her, dass wir in dieser Rubrik musikalische Veröffentlichungen von Carla Bruni besprochen haben. 277 mots de plus

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