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NSE: The wind of change

National Stock Exchange came into being in the year 1992 and in a span of just 27 years it has surpassed the Bombay Stock Exchange. The setting up of NSE was started by Dr. 298 mots de plus


Maumbile Update #1

It is almost half-way through the year 2021! We are behind schedule but on time. First of it is crucial to say thank you to everyone who has given feedback, responded to messages and been a continuous support to the entire team! 249 mots de plus

Treasure House Publishing

Introducing the Software Development Curve

The idea of a learning curve is fairly well-accepted, that one makes progress in gaining skills at some rate that can be « steep », where it takes a long time to gain much proficiency, or « gentle », where a fair amount of proficiency is gained relatively quickly. 538 mots de plus


Lessons learned...

****Content Warning: In the audio you’ll find general discussions of sexual assault and false rape allegations, and misogyny*****

Where, exactly, do we get our sex education from? 523 mots de plus

Sex Ed

Out and about

Children at Monkmoor Education Centre have been on their local walks with Mr. Ray Hughes, Road Safety Officer.  Great listening and crucial learning.


Why do victims of abuse so often feel shame and experience stigma?

Objectively, we all know that victims of abuse deserve nothing but compassion and understanding. Many of those you know will be abuse victims and survivors, but not everyone will share their stories openly. 1 161 mots de plus


Valuing people vs hardware

I’m really excited to have been able to share some thoughts and stories through a recent RSE Stories podcast, and after being interviewed for this by Vanessa Sochat (which was a great experience; Vanessa is a good interviewer and a good editor), I realized that I left out one story I meant to tell, and decided to write it here. 305 mots de plus