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Something you can control

It’s not bad to be told that you’ve done a poor job, that you have played poorly in the last match, that your performance is below the expectations. 52 mots de plus


Ohio: The State Constitution Requires Funding of Common Schools

Bill Phillis, retired state education official, is campaigning relentlessly to block the expansion of the state’s voucher program. He is a staunch opponent of privatization. He frequently writes about the low academic quality of the state’s charter schools, their fiscal irresponsibility, and their drain on the state’s public schools. 639 mots de plus


Jeanne Kaplan: The Colorado Privatizers Suffer a Setback in the Legislature

Colorado is a blue state where the privatizers have poured in millions of dollars to win school board seats. It’s the rare blue state that has gone all-in for privatization, led by Senator Michael Bennett (who served as Superintendent of Schools in Denver, although he was never an educator). 538 mots de plus

Charter Schools

Statement from the Decolonizing Alliance condemning the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh

The Decolonizing Alliance stands in solidarity with Palestinians in and outside of Palestine and condemns the brutal killing of Shireen Abu Akleh on Wednesday, 11th of May 2022, in Jenin, in the northern West Bank. 215 mots de plus


Resisting God’s Instructions?

Have you been resisting God’s specific instruction and direction for your life? You need to surrender today. In Him and His direction alone you can find peace and fulfilment in life…

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5.13.22 Reaction Levels

SPX Daily Bull Level: 4845

$SPX Daily Bear Level: 3905

Bull Monthly Full Cycle (potential reversal) Zone: 5000,5334,5647

5/12/22 note:  No changes to levels.  $SPX barely hanging onto support if this bear level gets activated the 2018 waves are still coming in but the pattern will be different.  58 mots de plus

Resistance 🫂

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