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Beaches hold a special place in my adventurous heart. I’ve always loved the feeling of sand beneath my feet. Always have admired what the dunes look like on sunrise and sunsets. 323 mots de plus


POTD: Flannel Friday

The seasons are changing and soon the days will be far too long and hot to cozy up in your favorite flannel so be sure to enjoy it while the chill wind still breathes whispers of winter. 29 mots de plus

Photo Of The Day

Come Take A Bath With Me

Today was a day devoted entirely to myself. It was well deserved given the abundant mess of doctor appointments cluttering up my schedule. After my gel pedicure, I went to the mall to return a few items. 440 mots de plus

Massage Techniques To Know About.

Everybody seems to be needing a massage these days and parting with a dollar or two without knowing the mechanisms involved. Knowing is essential.

Well, it’d be a good time to know and understand a little bit of it so you can appreciate every seasoned masseur or masseuse who is worth his salt out there. 397 mots de plus

Classical Massage Techniques, Benefits and History

The word massage in our language is derived from the words ına mass ına which means Arabic touch and ”massein Yunanca which means kneading in Greek. 1 441 mots de plus

Massage And Spa

Days in Isolation: Day 395

Plans made weeks in advance

Disappear in an instant,

Now I take life one day at a time,

Is that better? I’m not sure,

But it’s less of a headache.