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May 15th Police Officers Memorial Day

Ya, ya… I know… we aren’t supposed to like the police anymore but the only thing more foolish than that is thinking that anyone else is ever going to come to your rescue. 136 mots de plus

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First off, we need to remember that the police force is interracial and that there are thousands of Black police officers. It is also important to remember that in order for someone to be unfairly arrested and sent to jail time, multiracial juries and judges have to make that decision. 172 mots de plus

The Heart's Three Infamous Positive Energy Directives #12 - Arresting The Russian Blank Paper Guy Is Far From Insanity, and That's The Unexplained Phenomenon (International Bonus Track)

Hey, did you read the previous post? Pretty good, right?

I’ve never felt so proud about how well I’ve described my past.

About the chance I could really hold the wrist of someone about to do something beautifully extreme, 1 992 mots de plus