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Who am I afraid to be?

I worried that I’d become

who I now am

with the same fear

that keeps me here.


SJL 04/03/21


Forest Murmurs

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

I watched and heard them talk about it

Idle words crisscrossing the room

Where rumors and stories were

pinned to the walls… 42 mots de plus



Photo par

Julia Kuzenkov

sur Unsplash

Si on a une chance

On peut essayer


En rencontrant

Un douleur

Sentir moins



Temps pour…

15 mots de plus

Love never known

On a stretch of scrubland
       down by the marshes
bound by two railway tracks
       and a busy road
a elderly billy goat browses :
       grayish-black shaggy coat… 250 mots de plus


Summer where are you?

Springtime is around

Cold weather I am not fond

Summer you can come along?


Dans le corps d'une autre

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Quand le sang coule
La période se veut chaste
La femme attend la pause
Qu’elle accueille comme un cadeau… 206 mots de plus


Winter roost

Cold grey morning
       magpies yet to leave
their roost : soon
       as the days lengthen
they’ll be looking
       to build their domed nests

despite their military bearing… 121 mots de plus