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sven laux - scattered fragments of separation (the complete story) [whitelabrecs]

In 2020’s mammoth Home Diaries series, Berlin composer Sven Laux contributed the 25th edition in this collection, which focused on the lives of sonic artists from across the globe and their own unique experiences during the pandemic. 298 mots de plus

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lorenzo masotto - i=r [whitelabrecs]

Lorenzo Masotto is a composer and pianist from Verona, Italy, with releases on labels such as Sonder House, Lady Blunt Records, Preserved Sound and Dronarivm. He has performed in many venues, most notably London’s Union Chapel whilst tours have taken him to California Sofar and concerts at the Iberian Theater in Lisbon and the concert at De Helling in Utrecht. 236 mots de plus

New Release

Out Now! Sven Laux - Scattered Fragments of Separation (The Complete Story)

We’re to announce today this new double album by Sven Laux, who has adapted last year’s Home Diaries album ‘Scattered Fragments of Separation… 395 mots de plus


Out Now! Lorenzo Masotto - i=r


Today we released the album ‘i=r’ by Italian pianist and composer Lorenzo Masotto after we had put the album up for pre-order a few weeks back. 389 mots de plus


Alex Phipps: don’t let others tear you down.

Name: alex phipps

Social Media Handle/Username: supergayart.exe

Introduce Yourself/Tell About Yourself: heya! i’m alex, i use he/they pronouns, and i love art! i draw pretty much everyday and i’ll post it every now and again. 366 mots de plus


Why Don't You Do Right?

« Why Don’t You Do Right? » is an old standard (1936) jointly composed by a couple of cats named Kansas Joe McCoy and Herb Morand.

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ALBUM: Naoko Sakata - 'Dancing Spirits'

Sweden is better known to most for being home to the beating heart of quality pop music than for its long legacy of experimental and improvisational composers. 432 mots de plus

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