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Is “vendor owned open source” an oxymoron?

Open source is eating the world. Companies have realized and embraced that, and ever more companies today are built around a successful open source project. 1 288 mots de plus

Open Source

Testing Rocket with PostgreSQL database backend

For my backend API project, I recently started to implement tests (yeah, I know, this isn’t TDD, but I needed to get used to… 360 mots de plus


Open Source : Backbone of Software Development

Since the GNU Project was founded by Richard Stallman, the concept of free software came into existence, which led to the formation of the Linux operating systems. 631 mots de plus


Lambda Go Starter Project

Serverless development allows deploying low-cost, low-maintenance applications. Go is an ever-more popular language for developing backend applications. With first rate support both in AWS Lambda… 1 272 mots de plus


April 2021


As the weather has improved it’s been great to get out and about more with Max.


I’ve written about leadership on this blog before, as I think it’s an important topic. 461 mots de plus


Small Network Speed Testing Web Server

So I wanted to test the internal LAN speeds of our wireless bridge, switches, and cables in between – from one end of the network to the other. 348 mots de plus

Open Source