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Managing GitHub Labels

I was on a sprint planning call last week where it felt like we spent way too much time getting the labels in our various repos straightened out. 113 mots de plus


UniFi USW Conflicting Information

Annoying UI bug showing green gigabit port statuses, however, top overall summary shows CONNECTED|HDX (half-duplex?).

FW: 5.43.35 – NC: 6.0.45

Open Source

Cross-compile openssl-sys for Raspberry Pi with rust-on-raspberry-docker


Please read the first article about cross-compilation: The first article describes the general setup. In the following, I assume that you either know the article or cross-compilation with the… 103 mots de plus


S3:E6 - Wordpress and Open Source (Helen Hou Sandí)

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Open source software is behind a lot of systems we interact with. One example is WordPress, a system that powers over 30% of the internet. 48 mots de plus


Arm joins the Confidential Computing party

The Confidential Computing Consortium is a Linux Project designed to encourage open source projects around confidential computing. Arm has been part of the consortium for a while – in fact, the company is Premier Member – but things got interesting on the 30th March, 2021. 987 mots de plus

Open Source


As this is Linux blog site so we are going to talk a bit about Linux how it started and who started and how it works and so on. 368 mots de plus