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7 Must-See Ecuadorian Music Acts

Every week I have been sharing a song under the hashtag Song of the Week, this week I am doing something slightly different.

Thanks to the type of work I do, I have been lucky enough to work closely with talented people in the music scene. 88 mots de plus


Baby Faced Drug Chase: The Meaning Behind

My song Baby Faced Drug Chase is one I hold dearly to my heart. Originally it was meant to be a punk song, with overbearing backing music and Enya like vocals, but it became my little ukulele lullaby. 394 mots de plus


Its Love Your Bass Day!

Upright Bass

My song writing goes through cycles of concentrating on a subset of instruments that I can play semi – competently.

For a while, I abandoned the string bass and used a synth bass (or even the low strings on a lap steel). 179 mots de plus


Singing a Different Tune?

The first time I learned that the epically popular Green Day hit was called « Good Riddance, » I was puzzled. I’d first heard the song as part a tearjerker story arc on the popular TV series… 522 mots de plus

Singing while Writing

Where do you find inspiration when you need to write? Do you find inspiration in the process of writing itself?

As I write this blog I am also playing some songs. 985 mots de plus


Music Fuels My Soul

Music is a total constant. That’s why we have such a strong visceral connection to it, you know? Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or a place; or even a person.

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