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Dirty Santa

Material possessions have ruined what used to be known as the most wonderful time of the year. Why are we so miserable and feel pressured to find that gift that someone had put on a long list of “wants?” Ol’ Saint Nick went corporate and then we see how holiday season morphed into holiday shopping season. 17 mots de plus


REVIEW: "Daughter of the Sun" by A.E. Ash

Review of A.E. Ash, « Daughter of the Sun, » Luna Station Quarterly 21 (2015): Read online. Reviewed by Sara L. Uckelman.

Dr. Lian Leandros is the only one left alive on the crippled space ship Aldebaran. 68 mots de plus


December Diaries #4 - The Experience 16

Finally, The Experience 16 has come and gone! It was a blast. This was my first experience and I’m glad I joined in even though sleep had its way by 2am. 329 mots de plus


Delicate Petals

I found the fragrance I used to bath in while reading The Sun Also Rises for the first time. It’s Victoria’s Secret Delicate Petals. It’s actually a really lovely fragrance even though it’s just Victoria’s Secret… I need to buy more of it. 427 mots de plus


The new CEO of Twitter is from India 👀

The new CEO of Twitter is from India

The American Heart Association put out a warning on Twitter the impact these vaccines have on the heart – and Twitter flagged the site as potentially being unsafe… 623 mots de plus


04/12/21 23:58

it’s two minutes to midnight and i think to myself that i should force some rest, like a doll stuffing sleep tenderly through her racing body. 174 mots de plus