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A Note for my Husband...

Scribbled as I Left to Catch a Train

Dog did a poo
Please clean it up

And I love you


This poem from The Book of Pooetry is brought to you from the upstairs toilet in… 25 mots de plus


Sleep walker

It’s the middle of the night and I’m awake. Again! Either that or I have progressed into sleep writing. I did used to sleep walk when I was younger. 526 mots de plus


Finest Laziness

I’m a very lazy man myself, so appreciated the following story spotted by one of my kids on the Reddit forum.


Moron of the Week - Bored Youtube Troll

« When I grow up I wanna be a Youtube commenter. »
– Nobody

We have all seen them, the Internet trolls, the lost souls of the World Wide Web. 182 mots de plus


My Meal

I wish that I could shop for food —

that really would be grand,

because I’d simply pass right by

the food that I can’t stand. 132 mots de plus


60s Popeye: The Day Silky Went Blozo, in which Blozo goes Silky in a big way

We emerge from a second wave of Seymour Kneitel back to the comforting if slightly shoddy hands of Jack Kinney studios. The story for this 1960 short is credited to Joseph Stewart and Jack Kinney and animation direction to Hugh Fraser. 685 mots de plus