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Dear Olivia

In response to this young teen’s desire to attend an Ivy League School, I have penned the following letter.

Dear Olivia,

Please do not go to Harvard or any other Ivy League university. 909 mots de plus

New World Order

The Lack of Urgency to Combat Sexual Assault: The Harvard Story

by Izzy MacFarlane //

This piece was originally published in Issue 1: Secret Edition (Spring 2022). To see past print publications, click here.

The Backstory… 1 224 mots de plus

Intersectional Feminism

"Harvard Application Essay: My Feminist Journey Into Murder" is now on Slackjaw

Photo by Dasha Yukhymyuk / Unsplash

« Harvard has admitted no fewer than a half-dozen murderers — not including ex-presidents and Henry Kissinger. But not one of them made a known kill before their acceptance into your esteemed institution. 13 mots de plus


To the People of the Future.

To the people of the future.

If you are reading this, you will want to know how the country of America ceased to exist as a republic. 892 mots de plus

New World Order

New School Harvard Is Simply Old School: A Ten Commandments' Tale

jewish people are keenly aware of history. their book, the torah, takes them back to the creation the universe with the epic « in the beginning » or « breshit bara elohim. 547 mots de plus