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Biden mocked for apology, described as weak leader on world stage

Biden mocked for apology, described as weak leader on world stage

Federalist columnist Eddie Scarry on Chinese newspaper mocking Biden for his apologetic and weak demeanor among world leaders.

via FOX NEWS https://ift.tt/Z19qAcS


MUSIC/TELEVISION: The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (dir. Cristian Biondani and Ducci Forzano)

The role of Eurovision in a time of war is always a fraught one. During its half-century of existence, Eurovision’s participants have been involved in any number of conflicts that have cast a shadow over a festival which fundamentally celebrates togetherness and shared values, as well as being one of the few bastions of visibly progressive politics around gender and sexuality. 958 mots de plus


Dellas Boutique hotel - Meteora, Greece

Dellas Boutigue hotel is in Kalambaka, one of the two small towns that provide accommodation for visitors to the Meteora area of Greece. Dellas Boutique is set slightly on the outskirts of Kalambaka (technically in Kastraki) so has great views and is very peaceful. 270 mots de plus


Vanlife- North France

We first started talking about this trip about 4 years ago when we travelled Cornwall in a van. Now, after months of lockdown planning (me) and winters spent fixing the roof (Mark) we are finally ready! 772 mots de plus

Pope Francis canonises ten new saints

Pope Francis on Sunday declared 10 people saints of the Roman Catholic Church, including an anti-Nazi Dutch priest murdered in the Dachau concentration camp and a French hermit monk assassinated in Algeria. 548 mots de plus


Afternoon in Haarlem

When there’s a sunny days in the Netherlands, everyone is out and about soaking up all the sun they can get. This weekend was no exception. 175 mots de plus