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Mind the Gap

During current times, when thinking of spaces and the human body we think ‘Hands, Face, Space.’ However, within the human body itself, there are many spaces. 603 mots de plus

Turn Your Passion into a Profession: Become a Professional Scuba Diver

A common misconception is that you have to become a dive instructor in order to have a professional career as a scuba diver – not true! 777 mots de plus


Projet de taille

Moulage en résine brute, avant nettoyage et préparation. Ca change un peu d’échelle …


Dive with a Purpose: How to be an Eco-Conscious Diver

Once you’ve gotten a few dives under your belt, no doubt you’ll find yourself looking past the coral reefs and schools of fish, because you notice something that doesn’t belong down there – human waste. 1 340 mots de plus


Ocean Loving Brands: 10 Eco-Friendly Companies for Scuba Divers

Choosing eco-friendly, sustainable brands is just one of the many ways that you can be an eco-conscious diver. Thankfully, more and more companies and non-profits are joining the market every day, with the shared mission of protecting our oceans, preserving marine wildlife, and educating their consumers about how they can live and explore sustainably. 1 150 mots de plus


Hello Keine Angabe

Inclusive language

For some time now I have been trying to be careful about the way I write, which in my opinion is an expression of respect for anyone who would like to read my posts. 860 mots de plus


Len Deighton - Action Man


While the first edition of Deighton’s spy novel Horse Under Water, published by Jonathan Cape in 1963, contains many action scenes centring on the discovery of a U-Boat sunk off the Portugese coast in the last days of WWII, it is in the paperback edition, published by Penguin, that the author introduced an additional early episode, in which the British agent trains as a scuba diver at the HMS Vernon base in Portsmouth. 847 mots de plus