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People Buy From People

There’s an old adage: people buy from people. It means that the quality of the relationship is the most important thing, in making a sale. The customer has to trust in the seller and buy into their story. 331 mots de plus

15 Minute Makeup Styles-Classyandchic Gems Blogger Collaboration

At @ClassyandchicGems we stand for inclusion, love, collaboration and hope. After all, there is no I in team.

Casual, dressy, edgy, or comfy? Well, we’ve got you covered! 95 mots de plus


Co-Teaching As Professional Development

Author: Mitchell, Alex

Topic: Collaboration and Coteaching (CO)

Citation: Gallo-Fox, & Scantlebury, K. (2016). Coteaching as professional development for cooperating teachers. Teaching and Teacher Education, 60, 191–202. 148 mots de plus

CO- Collaboration

Adventures in Fine Art: Writers and Painters in Collaboration

Today is the first day of the Chester County Studio Tour which celebrates 165 different artists in 68 studios.

Gayle Hendricks, Parisian Phoenix art director, and myself, Angel Ackerman, publisher, joined Heather Pasqualino Weirich of Heather Pasqualino Fine Art at her studio on magnificent Valley Forge Mountain. 136 mots de plus

From The Publisher

What I Have Learned From This Difficult Time

We at REACT are always hoping to learn the lessons of collaboration and partnering, especially in crisis situations. The following challenging and insightful thoughts were written by a key Christian leader in the Eastern European region giving us some initial impressions and learnings from his perspective. 615 mots de plus

Thanks to Tony A 33

Tony A has a sharp eye on the sixth boro traffic, like here, Durable, cable ship that worked off Fire Island for some time this spring.   159 mots de plus