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Carbon-based Catalysts Used for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (Chemistry)

Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) is an essential approach to convert coal, biomass, and shale gas into fuels and chemicals, such as lower olefins, gasoline, and diesel. 284 mots de plus


Cipriano Mera and the Battle for Madrid 1939

The piece below is from the D.i.Y.CULTURE#10 | The Anarchist Revolution – Then And Now edition.

PLEASE NOTE – For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you download the PDF of DiY Culture No.9 from DropBox to your PC/laptop/phone. 764 mots de plus

Anarchist History

Wonder Material Graphene Revolutions :Super Exclusive

Thanks to the application of the wonder material graphene, the quest for producing durable, affordable, and mass-produced “smart textiles” has been given a new push. 543 mots de plus