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"Malbork between Politics and Sacrum" Book

Once again we got the absolute pleasure of designing a book in the series of catalogs for the Castle Museum of Malbork, the fifth one. This one consists of essays about the 19th-century attempts to restore the then-ruined castle to its former glory, inspired by Romantic fascination with the past. 187 mots de plus


News on my upcoming Slipstream book

With about five more chapters to edit, the book version of my Tour de France AU Slipstream is (slowly) nearing completion. Above is a layout sketch for the binding. 237 mots de plus

Book Cover Artist Shout-Out: The Cover Art For 'The Last Policeman' Is Spectacular

Great book covers are hard to come by. Folks say we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but let’s be honest we all do it. Readers appreciate an eye-catching cover and cover artists rarely get a shout out. 340 mots de plus

Book Review

Sort of News Interlude

So this week let us share some news from the recent weeks.

First, we’re happy to share that two of our books from last year were shortlisted in the Most Beautiful Books of the Year competition! 147 mots de plus


The Wind in the Willows | My first piece of Book Design

Halfway through 2021, halfway between my 24th and 25th birthday, I found myself with an opportunity to have a hand in illustration and book design. Hand on heart, I’d never wanted to be an illustrator. 402 mots de plus

Book Blogger

Four Books (Barthelme, Burroughs, and Barry [Hannah])

If you follow this blog even semi-regularly, you may know that I frequently frequent Chamblin Bookmine. This sprawling bookstore, with an inventory of close to three million books (mostly used, and often very weird), is about a mile from my house, and in some small ways might constitute a mute coauthor of this blog. 268 mots de plus