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Accordian storybook

National reading day wishes to all.🌼😄🌼.I hope a book can change or take you places. The one place i love to visit is the library.This is a self initiated project where i designed a prototype book for kids. 86 mots de plus

Book Design

Developing a Book-dummy PDF - part 2

In my previous article, I provided the stating frame work for creating a low resolution book-dummy using Blurb for publisher submissions or obtaining feedback from friends. 617 mots de plus


Developing a Book-dummy PDF

First, fair warning, to cover this subject it is going to take a couple of posts, so this is the first of two. The second article is linked up… 1 072 mots de plus


Rewards for "Reports"

This week we have great news to share. Our design of the book Reports of the Society for the Reconstruction and Beautification of the Malbork Castle… 48 mots de plus


Assignment 2 - Form and function


Design the book format and cover artwork for two different versions of Daniel Defoe’s classic 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe.The publishers, Viking Press, have decided to re-release this title as a new pocket edition for readers on the move that reflects the adventurous nature of the story within a contemporary setting. 2 581 mots de plus


One Hundred Years

The Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs
One Hundred Years
1920 – 2020

Studio Mundo

We worked with writer and golf enthusiast Mark Gorton to work on a 200 page publication for the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs. Celebrating 100 years of golf!

Covers and Initials

Soooo how do we feel about book covers and titles?

Covers (and titles) for my books and stories have never been my forte. As much as I can obsess over a person’s name (and what them having or not having a certain name means), I have an inverted lack of interest in picking magnetic titles for my books. 665 mots de plus