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Best Backlink Checker Tools Ever

Every website owner should understand the importance of building quality backlinks. With building backlinks, you should also know the importance of monitoring the backlinks of your blog. 504 mots de plus


Random Thoughts About Rain

My daughter calls me every weekday on her drive to work. It is a lovely time, uninterrupted, when we talk about the simple things going on in our respective lives. 307 mots de plus


Interview: Sam Beckbessinger and Simon Nicholson of "Survive the Century"

Stories for Earth relies on contributions from our listeners and readers to produce high quality, in-depth content. If you buy something using the links on our website, we may… 402 mots de plus


🎧 10 Audiobooks on Spotify + How to Find More

Did you know that Spotify had audiobooks? I recently discovered this and it felt like a game-changer! I’ve always wanted to incorporate more audiobooks into my monthly reading and as a frequent user of Spotify, this was perfect―all my music, podcasts, and audiobooks in one app. 1 322 mots de plus


High School Memories:Karate and Weight Lifting

Karate and the lifting weights were really popular in my neighborhood when I was in high school.

There were two groups in my neighborhood. The kids who really knew karate and the ones who pretended to know. 527 mots de plus

How much time should I spend in prayer everyday?

How long do I need to pray for? When should I have my quiet time with God? Is morning better? Or should I do it right before I go to sleep? 682 mots de plus