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Wilbur and Charlie

Chapter IV (4) Mr. Ed

Getting to know someone is like learning to drive a car. Either you get the hang of it straight away or you jerk forward in fits and starts. 3 002 mots de plus


Review: Ell & Hart Release The Brand New Country Anthem "Sketches"!

Swedish-Australian country-folk duo Ell & Hart have unveiled their brand new single in the form of the charismatically & emotionally enduring track titled « Sketches ». 81 mots de plus


Real Life - Skin care.

I want to talk about skin care because let’s face it, if you feel confident & radiant on the outside you most certainly will on the inside! 792 mots de plus


2021 Summer Reading List

Hey folks! Happy Father’s Day and welcome back. The pink room is once again back and open for visitors… So grab a seat, get comfortable… we might be here for a little while. 542 mots de plus


Dear Dad,

I’d be honest, this particular father’s day, I’m feeling a lot of emotions. I’m trying to find something spectacular that you did for me whilst still on earth, but, each time I think of it, I come up with nothing. 213 mots de plus


[Book Review] Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me by Mariko Tamaki & illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

The day they got together was the best one of Freddy’s life, but nothing’s made sense since. Laura Dean is popular, funny, and SO CUTE . 570 mots de plus

Abby N. Lewis

Father's Day Reflections

I am thankful to God for my late grandfather. My grandfather gave me two life-changing gifts- exposure to Christianity and value for education. As his first grandchild, he called me his « special child ». 172 mots de plus