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Larry & Curly Live With Lemons

Larry said, « I don’t like this. »

Curly said, « What don’t you like? »

Larry said, « Life has given me a lemon. » 625 mots de plus


There is Peace in Understanding

and Higher Wisdom found within

when All Lives are seen as Kin.

Many a Fear surrounds us here

but there’s a Power, beyond measure, 32 mots de plus


pasta carpet 2 (via We make carpets)

I remember making a rooster with bean’s back in elementary school and was so proud afterward’s…But, this, WOW!!!!

it was always our dream to make a much bigger pasta carpet.

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Aphantasia or Mental Blindness

Last November, I came across a youtube video that said some people have no mind’s eye or inner monologue. What? How? That’s insane, how can one not have a mind’s eye? 1 150 mots de plus


By Lucien

Because of the pandemic, some people rediscovered old hobbies while some explored new trends. My mother was one of the former. Her old-made-new hobby was converted into a small business as there is only so much K-drama and BTS content she can consume during her very ample free time at home. 369 mots de plus


Brand new Caravaggio

Caravaggio: Spain stops auction over possible long-lost masterpiece.

Some experts have no doubt whose brushstrokes are on the canvas.

« It’s him, » Maria Cristina Terzaghi, an art history expert told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper. 94 mots de plus


Meet the CAS Board

Early this year we formed our first ever governing board! The eight members of the new CAS board will provide leadership for our next strategic plan and contribute to our mission of making the arts accessible, relevant and sustainable. 1 328 mots de plus