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Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thinking of this eloquent, groundbreaking, and complex man today. He laid the groundwork for civil rights that inspired generations of civil rights activists and caring humans who want to change systems of oppression. 25 mots de plus


Bright, colorful butterflies fill National City parks!

Giant butterflies take flight in the blue sky above three National City parks!

Should you visit Butterfly Park, Kimball Park or Las Palmas Park, you’re certain to spot many large butterfly wings! 239 mots de plus

The Art Of Songwriting

The above-featured image was downloaded from https://www.google.com/amp/s/edm.com/.amp/features/navigating-songwriting-process-staying-out-of-legal-trouble

First Verse

🎶This is not a song

🎶I failed to gather the perfect rhyme, hope it doesn’t sound… 471 mots de plus



Found a bunch of unused canvases in my storage and got a bit of a #muse today🥰 #paintpouringart #acrylicfluidart #traditionalart #mixedmediaartists #carlaerkdesign might layer them for texture a bit still, but I’ll repost when they’re finally up for sale! 8 mots de plus


The Object of Art

One of many: « Soundsuit » by Nick Cave @ Columbus Museum of Art

It seems fair to assume that a major challenge of putting art on display for public consumption, among many challenges, is that old adage about it taking all types to make a world. 823 mots de plus