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Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.2 earthquake hits Papua, Indonesia.

5.0 earthquake hits the Hindi Kush, Afghanistan.



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World News

The Black Flag Rises Again: A Resurgent Islamic State and its Security Implications On the Neighborhood

By Malik Moin Abbas

On the evening of 26th August last year, the Kabul airport was the epicenter of a chaotic American withdrawal from Afghanistan in face of an imminent Taliban takeover of the capital. 1 535 mots de plus

International Relations And Policy

Reflections and Deflections: an introduction

Exploring how seeing violence against women through the lens of ‘culture’ often obscures its real causes

A core aim of This Violence is not a Tragedy is to examine the ways that we create myths around violence against women that have the adverse effect of often ingraining this violence deeper in society. 539 mots de plus

Honour-based Violence

Journal Entry 5 & 6

January 5, 2010

ANP ECP, Nowzad

Sometime during the day, I escorted « NYC » and the docs, I suppose one of the males came with our female corpsman, to the Afghan National Police (ANP) gate. 982 mots de plus

How a Labyrinth Helps Terps Destress

by Fatema Hosseini

Round and round, I walk through the labyrinth. At each turn of the labyrinth, my mind lets go of a stressful thought, and each turn of it brings in a comforting one. 976 mots de plus


Setback For Beijing? US Says It Can Renew Attacks On Afghanistan; But Why Should China & Pakistan Worry?

The EurAsian Times:

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ouster has turned the tables in Washington’s favor. America’s deft move has left China in a spot, at least in South Asia.

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