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Afghans Fearing Taliban Retaliation Have Few Options For Safety:Amnesty Internation

Those left behind in Afghanistan face huge challenge to seeking safety outside the country, Amnesty International said on October 20, nearly two months after airlift operations ceased. 255 mots de plus

Women Volleyball player beheaded by Taliban

KABUL: The extremist group always proves why the people of Afghanistan feared the takeover and turning of Afghanistan into the Taliban regime. Recently, one such new instance came up that proved, yet again, how dangerous and unsafe the Taliban is, for Afghani people, especially women and children. 317 mots de plus

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Afghanistan: the slow-moving crisis

For weeks now we have watched the Taliban take over Afghanistan from the calm and safety of Australia.

But for The Source News journalist Sitara Jat, the situation hits close to home. 22 mots de plus


Afghanistan, Iraq and Nationbuilding

Discuss the US choice to use military force in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why were these choices made? Were there other feasible choices at the time? Should we do this again in the future? 1 440 mots de plus

Afghan Families Are Being Torn Apart by the Addiction Crisis

Afghanistan’s position as the world’s biggest producer of opium is one of the most persistent issues it faces. Afghanistan’s economy and culture are linked with growing, cultivating, and selling the by-products of the indigenous poppy plant. 48 mots de plus

Increasing pressure: the limited confrontation of Tajikistan and the Taliban (for now?)

By Turan Gafarli
Russia & FSU Analyst

The radical change in Afghanistan failed to bring immediate global recognition for the Taliban. Even its neighbours are highly sceptical about the revival of the Islamist regime and preserving their distance to engage in cooperation.  744 mots de plus

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Hard time for Pamiri guide/translators and fixers in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan.

In Europe, it is heard about foreign army translators, sport people, especially sport women, musicians, dancers, etc. being under threats or being killed by Taliban. But there is also a category whose existence is compromised. 696 mots de plus