Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-Two

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    Hey, don’t worry about what other people are doing in photography, ‘professional’ or not! You have your own world that you move around in and other people don’t have your kind of access to it. Your photographs will be different and special for that reason alone. Besides, remember that most of the time the most important audience for your photographs is you, your family and your friends. And if you’re wanting to get a profile as a photographer, well, even a beginner can find themselves in a situation where they can capture a photograph that no one else can. So just keep photographing and sharing!


    @birgerbird, thanks for the heads-up re: National Pie Day. Shepherd’s pie is in the oven right now. Kinda late, but you can’t very well leave the day un-pied! :-)

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    @socketbulbs, thanks for sharing those links!


    @michelleweber thanks for the link!


    I browsed the blog event list, and couldn’t find any topics inspiring me to write any posts today. So I decided to practice “More Tag” on one of my existing posts, by following the instructions here:

    But after I added a “More Tag” and preview the results, I noticed that nothing was changed (the full blog was still showing).

    Does anybody here know what might be the reasons?



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    @cxianliu, you’ll only notice the difference on your home page, so you need to publish the post (or save the update), and then check there. The full post will always appear in the single post view, and the “more” tag defines how much of the post will appear on the home page.

    If you want to break a post up into sections, you can do that using the “nextpage” tage: I really don’t recommend it unless there’s a compelling reason, though.


    The blog events listing is a great resource. Definitely making great strides this month. The downside is I’m having too much fun and forgetting that there is a world out there that I should plan to rejoin sometime! Just as well this is a 30 day journey. What will life be like when its over I wonder?


    I’am so behind, let’s just say life happened. So, to all the accepting Worpressers, Bloggers, and ETC. I will catch up soon. Blessings ~Leah



    What will life be like when its over I wonder?

    Much the same as it ever was I suspect. Except that you will be a much more knowledgeable and talented blogger!


    It has been suggested to me several times that I should submit my writing to a magazine. I submitted an article to a magazine called Health Journal that is accepting submissions for April and May issues. Does that count?



    This is getting harder and harder! I’m not sure that I’m ready to commit myself to a blogging event – guess it’s silly to join just for one post only to complete the task – but I’ve been regularly doing Daily Prompts and Photo Challenges, so I hope it counts!

    “Random moments of delight”, yes! This was the only event that I was actually considering… A lovely concept.


    I’ve just spent over an hour searching blogging events.

    I am not sure I wish to commit to one regularly, however I am on UK time, so many have just finished or about to and the start on most are on Sunday so new topics aren’t up yet.

    The couple I found interesting seem to not be active which is a shame.

    I found a great one that was on random moments of delight each week, and it got me thinking to just do this myself, to think of something that brought a smile to my face etc.

    I don’t know if someone could look at the page for this challenge because I could not work out what this meant and or where to put it?

    3. Please use the address of your POST, not your blog, in the linky. And using your post for more than one challenge is totally cool with me!

    The link for the challenge is:

    I’d love to do it, but not sure other than writing the post, putting a link to the organizers page on the post, what the linky means?

    Any advice gratefully received, thank you


    I came across it too yesterday, and I think it just means that after you publish the post on your blog, you grab the link to your post, go to the site of the host, click the “linky” thing and it shows simple instructions on how to insert a link to your post there. I tried clicking the form but I didn’t actually use it because I understand this week’s prompt is closed now, as you also say.


    @maraeastern thanks for your help :-)

    Problem is I couldn’t see a “linky” thing on the hosts site so had no idea not even a comment box. I left the link I don’t suppose you can see it?


    I understand now! Go to the link below and at the bottom of the post, there is the linky. (But it is really closed now, so you can’t try it out.)

    I’m glad that at least two bloggers contributing to this forum liked this specific event; I didn’t mean to join either, but maybe we should? It’s a great idea to share what you love…


    @maraeastern – yes I loved the topic and I had something I so wanted to post that was relevant, but I might just post it anyway lol!

    Is it closed, closed as in permanently? I thought she kept it open until Saturday and re started Sunday?

    And now I see the linky its tiny!


    Ok, let’s do it then! I’ll try to post something for this challenge too :-)

    No, it’s not closed permanently! It closes on Thursdays and reopens on Sundays – probably the linky will be below a new post.


    Hah great, so we just make our post, link back to the assignment page and put our post link in to the linky when it opens Sunday I guess, nothing else? Not done this before.

    I shall prob write my ray of sunshine bit anyway and hope something else comes up next week :-) A reason to search for something good!

    I followed you now, great blog, lovely pics/humour/creativity. I did comment on your Day 19 which sprung out at me x



    apologies I swapped blogs as was writing a post didn’t realise it would swap my gravatar ie itisalonelyplace

    learn’t my lesson now! goes red


    Yes, I think that’s all we need to do!

    Thank you for visiting me, you’re too kind :-) Now I’m off to visit you!

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