Zero to Hero: Day Twenty-One

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    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

    Lucky day 21! Is that a thing? Let’s make it one!

    Today, you’re drafting a post again — this time, you’ll expand on the new-to-you format post you published a few days ago. For more detail, visit the Zero to Hero main page.

    Use this space as a place to ask questions and seek feedback from fellow bloggers, or just to talk about blogging, why you’re here, and how your month is going.

    Please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you’re seeking feedback — this is a place for discussion. Irrelevant comments and spammy links will be deleted. Instead, give your posts the “zerotohero” tag to enable other participants to find you.

    The Daily Post has a weekly open thread on Sundays called “Community Pool,” for peer feedback. If you’re looking for general feedback on your blog or feedback unrelated to this challenge, please visit that thread.


    My theme (Coraline) only supports the special formats for “asides” and “galleries”, which aren’t useful for the type of content I share. I won’t be playing with format today, but I am into Publicize! Lately I’ve been more careful about adding popular, relevant hashtags to my Publicize content so that it’s easier for people to find it on Twitter. For example, when I reviewed some cosmetics today I included @benefitcosmetics so that they would know I’d mentioned them, then included #bbloggers to alert other beauty bloggers of my review.


    @lipglossandabackpack, you don’t need to publish in a particular format today — just build on whatever your last post was.

    And good tip on the tagging/hashtags! Smart use of Twitter.



    too funny – I actually did today’s challenge this morning before it was posted. After posting I went into Facebook and formatted the haiku at the top to read like a poem. See here:


    Hi All,
    Bit of an odd interpretation on this one, but I took Day 7 and built on it, i.e. the create a header challenge.
    I need to get some better software to make sharper images and a cleaner all over effect, but does anyone have any thoughts on my header? I want also to add a handdrawn image of a signpost signalling many different countries at once on the left hand side.
    All feedback appreciated, including the best software to create such images in (used free online collage tool and MS paint!!!).



    Wow, I feel like an idiot. I always thought I was connected through Publicize, but the way I’ve been doing it is clicking the sharing links at the bottom of the published entry and presumed that was that. Now that you’ve posted the picture (you may have done it before but I’ve only now properly noticed it) I realise I was completely wrong! Time to remedy that one.

    Am I the only one who’s applying days at different times from when they originally go up? I’m currently saving Day 6 for at least another few weeks :)

    My day 19 was already an expansion of a new format (i.e. inescapably way longer than I’m used to) that I’d tried last Monday: ‘Frankenstein’, Creator




    I need to get some better software to make sharper images and a cleaner all over effect, but does anyone have any thoughts on my header?

    Every time you use the cropper image quality is lost. The best way to preserve it is to presize and optimize your images offline before uploading them. Preparing and resizing your images means you will also not be wasting your space for media and you won’t experience any problems so you won’t end up troubleshooting images.
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    Sad to say this challenge isn’t meant for me since I do not belong to any social sites, that’s at my choosing. But I will say that participating in Zero to Hero has done wonders for my blog and spreading the word for my project.
    Thank you for that!



    Today is lucky day 21! I combined a prompt from a few days ago I was inspired by with today’s challenge! I just made a twitter a few days ago, so I don’t really know how it really works yet, but I think I got it!



    I quit posting the challenges on my social networks for a reason. Mainly because they are for business and it clogs up everything with challenges. No one understands what I am doing and if someones looking for pictures I have done they have to weed through the challenges.



    Good decision!


    @easygoingmama and @sonya, publicizing is just a piece of it — the meat of the task is writing a post that builds on your last in some way. Hope you’ll still give that a whirl!


    @annainternational, lots of bloggers, here and elsewhere, have had good experience using PicMonkey, a free online photo editor.


    sorry I started building my post based on day 20’s prompt.

    I wanted to ask if their is an easy way to copy a blog post and make it a page post.



    There is no automatic way to make a Post into a Page and visa versa. It’s a copy and paste the content and delete the first one situation.



    I couldn’t see any different formats for my theme, Oxygen, so I published a post and made it ‘sticky’. My previous theme didn’t have this option, so it is new to me.

    Anyone done anything else ‘different’ with this theme?


    The proof of the pudding is the eating! I learn a lot in this challenge. Connected my twitter account and proliferated my Poem 1 – 2014. Discovered the which offers some basic tutorials in html- and css-codes. Was seduced by google+ but stopped it. Too little transparency. Upgraded my theme and are fighting some troubles since then. Made contact with the developer asking for feedback. Wrote an article and saved it for later publishing.
    Enriching evening for everyone!


    @nicolacyoung, Oxygen doesn’t support post formats, but there are lots of other things you can do with it. We highlighted a great site that had customized it to nice effect:

    You can also check out these sites for more inspiration:

    I particularly dig Acres to Sea.


    Today, I wrote a post short post about the quote on depression on day 19. I published it to both Twitter and Facebook.

    I am slowly gaining followers on Twitter, but Facebook has been a bust, mostly because I am not posting it to my personal Facebook (I am trying to stay anonymous).

    I don’t have the same attitude towards social media that I see many have. I don’t spend much time engrossed in updating my status or posting pictures of the meal I am about to eat. I only use it to stay up-to-date with my family in the States.

    I have become somewhat obsessed with my blog and am always checking for new comments, reading blog updates and checking my stats. Has anyone else felt the same way?

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