Zero to Hero: Day Twelve

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    Day 12 – an even dozen…………

    Like @sylviacole above, my posting philosophy means that I limit myself to about 3 well-considered posts a month. But when I started thinking about it yesterday, I realised that I wanted to consider the big picture of the problem of connecting with other photographers that share my interest in photo credibility. So I put up a new post that summarises my core ‘photography networking’ focus, identifies a few new blogs I’m following, and has a go at putting it all in a bigger picture. It fits in my posting philosophy, offers some food for thought (hopefully), and was a bit of fun!



    I have completed day 12 and have written my post although I nearly forgot to tag it with zero to hero! So many things to remember….
    I think the nice thing about commenting is that you often receive a reply and a ‘bond’ is formed with someone you may know nothing about, except that you read their blog and took the time to leave a comment for them.
    This interaction has been an unexpected bonus to learning and improving my blogs. I will definitely make the effort to leave more comments in future.



    @frankamelio — thanks for the award, but see conversation above. On the other hand, as I said on my reply to your nomination, I really do like your questions. On the other other hand, I am concentrating on Z2H, so don’t expect anything, you know, like, soon. So if you’d like to pass it along to someone else, I certainly don’t mind.

    So speaking of the reason why we’re all here, I’m pretty proud of my response to this assignment…

    (If the “hug” post isn’t up yet when you follow my name, it’s because I’ve scheduled it to appear in my fb feed at a reasonable West Coast time.)




    Day 12 done!
    But, I was more inspired to write it than to think of it as a challenge…



    I enjoyed this challenge, and also commented on Ana Lynn’s post, to turn it into a meta-comment.


    Good morning everyone! I failed to do this challenge, just too much on my plate at the moment. I wanted to extend a huge thank you to those who nominated me for awards. Right now I’m in the midst of getting press releases out for two magazines on our Linking Loops for the Troops cause. Have a great day and hope to be back later.



    My submission is not on a comment but a short story instead. I’m sorry :(, but I had the enormous urge to publish something and inspiration has its way with me.


    I commented on a post which had taught me something; posting about it helped me clarify my own thoughts; another blog is explored in the comments, and I found that through discussions on two other blogs. This has my own voice, stimulated by others. We gain by cross-pollinating.


    Sorry, I’m a little bit late to zero to hero. But I just did an assignment on day 6. Here is link to mine
    I hope you can leave some comments to see how I did in this one.
    Enjoy reading :)


    Hi all — as a few folks have noted upthread, assignments are meant to be re-interpreted to fit your blog, so no need to explain why you’ve posted something a bit different that what the task specified. We’re just happy you’re posting and interacting with one another! This entire challenge is meant to support *you*, so take from it what you need.



    A little late with this task, I had to write and re-write. Plus I’ve was at work all day, so time was a factor as well. :)




    Let me know what you think of my interpretation folks! I discovered some neat blogs in last two days….more posts coming up soon! I’ve been ‘inspired’ to diversify…




    I saw that whole Zero to Hero thing a bit late, but it served me immensely. So, here is my new baby blog and the post for this thread came after thinking about my favourite author as discussed in a comment.

    Thank you for helping out newbies like me with your topics, challenges and awesome bloggers.



    i have tried adding links to my post and gave them a title however they still appear as a full link….what am i doing wrong?



    i figured it out! yay!


    @michelleweber as we begin to get our blogs off the ground, it seems like an editorial calendar would be a big help. Are there any plans to integrate something like Edit Flow ( into the public version of wordpressdotcom?



    I have requested one but received no response as yet.
    Note I have 2 username accounts – same gravatar – thistimethisspace is my other username account.


    I just added to the same forum. Maybe others will express an interest too.

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