Zero to Hero: Day Three

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    My post for today’s challenge.

    It was something that I should have writtten much earlier on but only did today. And it turned out to be longer than I expected! I did’t know I have so much to say until I type it all out.


    I know I’ve already said it, but I need to say it again — I’m thrilled with the lovely camaraderie here, and am impressed and blown away at the honesty in today’s posts. Kudos!


    The challenge on what’s on our mind what to write is diverse. As of now I also struggle and I love it, it shows the real me on how I write and it kind of developing my skills in English I think. Today, I’m planning to make a marathon post in a specific topic that was part of my tagline, you will see ii in my blog It is quite challenging for me yet I love it! Blogging is fun,think blogging for a long run.



    Sabrina —

    Thank you for your excellent letter to Michelle, as it pointed out to me that we are not just to post the links to our blogs in this forum. Like you, I rather thought that was the point, but I also get Michelle’s point as I am one of those who are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments and conversations going on in this forum (as I also previously pointed out).

    In that vein — being as how I have not actually read every single post here in this now 5 page forum thread — for those who want to connect more easily with others who are participating in this challenge, there is in fact an easy way to do it:

    In your Reader, on the right column under “Tags” you can add the tag “zerotohero” — you will then have all bloggers who have used that tag show up in your Reader feed.

    I hope I’ve explained that clearly enough.

    And, please, feel free to give me feedback on my Day 3 assignment:



    415whisperer –

    Thanks for your response! I have now added the zerotohero tag and am seeing the blogs from our zerotohero community coming through.

    I also visited your Day 3 assignment (thanks for the invite) and thought it was great. Good thing you saved the piece of paper! I too am a notes person but that was a marathon list. And the scan of the handwritten page was cool too.

    Cheers, Sabrina



    Hi michelleweber,

    This 3rd day challenge had me re-visit my old posts, what a throwback! :-)



    Hello there! I just started the zero to hero challenge. I’ve just finished setting it up and responding to Day 1 challenge. I’m two days behind but it’s better late than never. And I’m hoping to catch up the soonest. You might want to check it out. I’ll appreciate feedback. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance! :)



    Hey Sabrina —

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face (not just my fingers!)… much appreciated!



    Good morning fellow bloggers,

    I love to write… that is one of the reasons why I started my blog. However, English is not my first language… so I am kind of worry about my grammar. I don’t have time to spend too much time to proofread because I am in grad school… So I started posting lots of pictures with few sentences…

    I read the thread about finding your blogging voice and be “YOU” …. Well, this post is me. Please give me input… It’s my first “wordy” posts…

    Is it obvious that English is NOT my native language and does it bugged you (readers) to see errors?

    Thanks much! :-)


    Hello all! Here’s my day 3 post. I would love to hear your thoughts! : )


    Hi everyone – well it looks most people are like me in this forum and decided that they needed to help their blogs along – just shows you what competition we all have out there for readers… Anyway, I did Days 2 and 3 together and have bought my own domain names! But am still undecided whether or not to link the post to them.
    But buying the names gave me some thoughts about my new title – which I agree was poor. But I would like some help as to what this new title should be, so have put a poll on my post and would love people to help me please – after all you are all my potential readers so what name would attract you to my page? And what tag lines? Please please give me a hand here! come to my post and give me some suggestions… thanks!:)



    Hi everyone!! I guess I am a bit late to the party here. I have decided to start a blog about my diving adventures and diving related sciency concepts. I read through the first 3 days of zero to hero’s challenges and have kinda combined all of them into one big challenge for the past 12hrs or so resulting in the first post to my Fish of the Week series! Please feel free to check it out and leave any comments. :)


    Today’s assignment is hard for me.
    Because, I cannot remember.
    I tried.



    My post for the day:
    It not quite 100% related. But I hope you guys enjoy it anyways! :)


    So happy I finally took the plunge and started!
    Post for Day 1:


    I revisited my first blog post and I decided that it speaks about the why, how and what of my blog. As I have already mentioned for me it was the result of just testing a book and then determination to continue blogging this time, no matter what! I have tagged that first post with zerotohero, but here it is as day 3 task, if anyone would like to have a look. All comments are of course more than welcome.


    That was a lovely trip down memory lane. Revisited the real reasons for setting up my blog, and blogged about it.
    Here’s my day 3 post-

    comments/feedback appreciated.



    I have finally finished my second day’s post about South African and Namibian journey today! Thanks to Zero to Hero that stimulates me to right =)


    to write, of course =)



    This is what I was thinking when I started my blog.

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