Zero to Hero: Day Three

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    @silverliningsproject sometimes I deal with the same thoughts, but I keep telling myself that even though something has been said a million times before, I can still add something to it, because no two people are the same. We each have our own personality, and as long as you manage to transfer that personality into your posts you will do fine.


    When I started my blog I wanted to talk about my experiences living, studying, working and traveling overseas, as well as how to stay pretty when you’re on the road. Life circumstances (grad school!) mean I’m not traveling much for the next year and a half but I’m still able to share great travel memories and up-to-date beauty advice. My post this morning, as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, is right in line with the direction I’d hoped my blog would take.



    I started zero to hero wondering what I’d want to blog about – personal observations/musings or work related and now know it’s an AND rather than an OR.
    Keen to know whether people set up 2 different sites to do this or use just the one. Guess there are people in a work context I might want to keep in that blog world ? Don’t know…your thoughts.
    Still can’t work out how to tag zero to hero so just put the image in my blog:
    Does that work in the same way?
    How do you search other blogs with that tag?
    Sorry – the questions of a real beginner…




    The first blog I participated in turned into a gaming related endeavor; that I am *currently* stressing (NOT!) on getting updated material for since the game it covers is into it’s 2.17 – 2.18 version.

    The second blog, where I am actually trying to blog was started by my wife as a second thing that we could do together as husband and wife. She took to it like a fish to water, I am still struggling on what to post. I want to, but I don’t want to bring the site down at the same time. I am a very strange person. It’s our site, but it is her place. I want to lift her up and stand there with her, just as much as I want to help her to reach those goals. I just wonder if there is something I could be doing better than just wanting to say the hades with all the blogging rules.

    She wants it to be topic driven and focused on that topic. I want to cover everything and anything that comes to mind. This blog is about our life, how we are a blended family, what traditions, foods, shows, problems, solutions, beliefs, ect. ect. Why lock down to just the marriage aspect, or the kiddies, or or or…



    Good question: Can we link to each other by using the Zero To Hero tag?

    As for putting it in, I put the code into the HTML. When you start writing from the dashboard there’ll be a tab. One says Visual, the other Text. Click the text then insert the code there. That’s what worked for me.

    Question for you all. I just wrote a huge block of text. To make it easier on the eye I’m breaking it into smaller paragraphs, but I’m thinking it might still be too much.

    1) How do you gauge how much to write?
    2) Are you using pictures to make it easier for the reader?
    3) How careful do we need to be if pulling images from the net?


    I just wrote The Rant Takes on Sven The Sales Guy- a modern day David V Goliath and a wonderful Christmas story! Still having trouble putting pictures in on my phone but its a good read I think!



    @susipet you add the tag when you write the post, in the post editing screen if you scroll down you should see an option to add tags to your post, there you simply write zerotohero and click on add tag, and then hit publish.



    Alright, I have just finished this last challenge.
    Check it out and give me your feedback.
    Have a nice day!



    @cteavin when using images from the web, it is recommended to always credit the author and make sure it is released under a license that allows you to use it in your posts, something like Creative Commons. A good place to find images that allow use in posts is Compfight or Wikimedia Commons.

    I use images when they are relevant to the topic of the post. As far as I how long the posts should be, I usually aim for at least 500ish words, sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on my mood and my thoughts.


    @susipet LINK for searching tagged posts.



    I started my blog to espouse my views on current events and gaming, and one of the things that related to that, and a topic that “Has Been On My Mind” is the Chris Kluwe and Duck Dynasty issues:



    When I started I wanted to share my photographs….then it evolved to photographs as well as some thoughts connected to them…I don’t know where I’ll end up on my road to blogging, but for now am enjoying the journey! I have managed to put up the post that’s been on my mind since I decided to blog. But like a performer I wanted the ‘perfect’ moment…I just realized the perfect moment depends on ME. This challenge is really helping! I think I maybe rising above the zero for now :) getting hooked….



    I really enjoyed this challenge–it gave me an opportunity to work through some mixed feelings regarding the birth of my baby girl. Here it is!



    I think the “why?” is in my day one post already, but i’ll try to work on one of the posts i’ve been lazy/afraid to create for so long. The kind you want so much to be great that it never gets done.



    Well that took me longer than expected … !

    A fairly specific reason to start a blog – but my first blog was to talk about the heart surgery I was about to undertake. So here’s a look back at that.



    @pkanwar1983, I admire that you go with the flow! I am enoying this journey of blogging too.

    Today’s challenge got a little heavy for me. I ran with the fear of posting something. It turned into a deepest fear post. I felt like today was the day to put my doubts on the page. Let me know what you think!



    @colderwheather…. Where do I find the link?
    Sorry such basic question…



    Quite a difficult task. Especially when you have a mind like me. Lot of things to say but not knowing how to say it. And in English for that matter. But I made it :)



    I also took some advice from timethief’s Day Two posts and shortened my tagline. Still working on the widget linked to ‘About’ …..can’t figure out the image and text combo as shown in the ‘Wonton’ blog…but hopefully I should figure it out soon….


    I started a blog to spread the word about our scarves/hats project for Operation Gratitude. I do struggle at times with what to post, so I’m just going to roll with it. I want this to be a fun experience without any pressure.

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