Zero to Hero: Day Nineteen

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    @michelleweber: THANK YOU for the help with widget. We just moved my blog to I am behind so just post photo with the photo format.. What is photo-click through link for?




    @clareflourish — I hear ya… I posted a video format — a lovely youtube video of a young girl I know playing one of her original compositions — and got: not. one. like.

    Not one!

    Most of my posts result in a little smooch at least, but the one time I wander off track: shoulders are shrugged and I am snubbed!


    Guess, I’ll stick to what I do best… sharing my heart.




    Hello, I tried to “compact” our life vents and write them in a funny way but wonder if our “about us” page is (or not) a little bit too long… What do you think ?

    Any help and critics appreciated ! Thank you !



    Whoops! Wait.. when I wasn’t looking, I did get a little love after all… 3 likes… woo hoo!

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!

    Still gonna go back to the basics.




    well… life Events :-) so sorry about that !!!! But could not edit my post after I have seen the error !!



    Here’s my attempt at thinking outside the box:



    Well last night I played a bit of catch up & posted in a different format – I normally post standard format but last night I put up a quote.

    I was really happy how it tuned out & really felt that it worked with what I am hoping to try & achieve with this blog. Still at the beginning stages of blogging but am learning & evolving the way I post.


    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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