Zero to Hero: Day Five

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    Well, I’m still playing catch up having started a few days late. I still need a widget for Day 2 but surprised myself with two drafts for Day 3, one of which I published. I thought I’d love Day 4 but it has driven me mad trying to find new blogs to read! But the Day 5 challenge has been great. I went through all the free themes and previewed any that seemed even vaguely possible or even completely wild and not me. I’ve got a long list of possibles but am sticking with Adelle for now, though I’m seriously considering something very different-looking like Greyzed or Elegant Grunge. I realise mine will be a text heavy blog so I need something that works well with more words and fewer images, but doesn’t look too bland and boring because it’s mostly words.



    Hi I seem to be having a few technical issues and wondering if other bloggers can help. I received this comment and have checked my settings and they are correct with my URL to link to my blog.
    Also the text size seems fine to me when I view my blog.
    I would really appreciate some other feed back. Cheers Jenn

    The comment posted below from other helpful blogger….
    I located your blog here but I suggest you use these instructions to link it to your username >

    The customization of the font size you have done on the theme means I have to use keyboard shortcuts to increase the font size from tiny to readable.



    Many thanks for your comment. I did as you suggested and the URL is correctly placed in my USERS settings????
    when I click on jenniferjgrainger in this feed it links me with my READER page. So I am at a little lost now as to “what next” with the text font size what size do you recommend in my customise settings?
    Many thanks for your feedback it is much appreciated. Cheers Jenn


    @michelleweber Applied Twenty Fourteen to my test blog but can’t find ‘colours’?! I really liked Twenty Fourteen when it was released, but find it too much black for me.



    This is the theme I have chosen and am still learning how to go around changing it for this new year, though not too much as I would still like to keep my original look. This challenge is interesting indeed. Will keep me very occupied. Thank you.



    Loved today’s task! I thought I loved my existing theme, but trying on some new ones gave fresh insight on layouts :)
    Here’s my new theme & blog post about it:

    Please feel free to let me know what you think of my new theme, & any suggestions for improvement are always appreciated! :)

    thanks, Danielle @ whythisbox?


    I hope i did the music right. hopefully soon I’ll get a new computer and I will be able to do a mix media post. If anyone knows how I can do this through my phone let, me know. It wouldn’t give me an option on the WordPress app, just photo.




    Thanks for the help/suggestions! I actually changed to the Motif theme, I liked the look of it.

    But I can’t figure out how to add a big “featured image” as is seen in the sample of the Motif theme. So right now it is just blank – if you want to look or if you or anyone knows how to add a large photo. When I tried adding a header under customize, it became really small.


    Thanks for offering such a great start for beginner bloggers! This is a whole new world for me and I am looking forward to learning new things and seeing what others are putting together through this fun opportunity.



    Hello All
    Last night I joined, ZerotoHero but I’m a (self hosted) blogger. I like theme customisation very much that was my first reason to self-hotst my blod. I am very happy to see so many bloggers. I updated my blog (according to day1-day5). Have a look here all kind of constructive feedback are welcome.
    Many thanks!



    Hello Staff
    I just noticed that I must avoid posting links to my blog until I get any feedback. I’ll take care from now on.




    My take for day 5: – feedback welcome!


    @colderwheather, head to your dashboard, go to the “Appearance” panel, and pick “Theme Options” — it should be there.


    NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

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