Zero to Hero: Day Five

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    Really great info in the articles from today’s task – thanks, WP staff!

    The big takeaway for me today was the Custom Design option – for fonts, colors and CSS. I’d looked at many themes in the past, and reviewed quite a few more today, and there may be some other possibilities when I decide to change from twenty twelve . . . but the font and color customizing may be what I need to add zing to my blog.

    FYI, I didn’t quite realize you can “try out” the Custom Design options using Appearance -> Custom Design -> Fonts (preview for free). Really helped to see what I could do. Way cool!



    Okay, I tried a bazillion different themes – and I did decide to change it.

    I went from “Bold Life Demo” to the following

    I would appreciate any feedback! Did I make a good change?



    I’ve just previewed about a hundred themes and tried out pretty much all the theme options for my one – Forever – and I’ve decided … to leave it exactly as it is! It was a good challenge though – fun to see what the options were.



    @melrauskolb I like the clean lines of your theme – it seems to suit the subject matter. Don’t know what it was like before but I think you’ve made a good choice. I also like that the font is so big. I wish I knew how to increase the font size on mine.



    @tillynailart – Thank you!


    I tried to be open minded, but after a few samples, I went with Adele.

    Question for everyone. Once you selected your theme, what did you keep in your menu, and what did you get rid of? I’m trying to figure out what people like to see on menus and what might just be over-kill…


    Oh man that was a lot of work! And after a full day’s work too ;) I am just getting use to my brand new MacBook having always blogged on my iPad/Hungry Hubby’s PC before now and that plus writing a new blog post as well as updating the theme – I shall sleep well tonight!

    As predicted I thought the theme change would be one of the Zero To Hero challenges but I’ve been working on it behind the scenes for a week now and I’m thrilled with the results. I have a logo, a header and a background to chose (and photograph/draw myself) still but I had wanted a more streamlined blog for a while and this new theme looks just how I hoped. And yes, it was one I really didn’t think would work until I previewed it (and added in my own CSS custom coding from my old theme).

    Question – does anyone know how I increase the number of rows of photographs on my home screen please? I can’t seem to find out how to do it on my dashboard or in the customisation section but I’ve seen other custom “Hatch” themed blogs which have a larger umber than what mine displays?

    Please do leave me comments on any aspect of my blog – I’d love the feedback and to attract new viewers too. Or just email me if you prefer :)



    @marlawoodward it’s a good question – I’ve often wondered the same thing. Personally I like menus to allow your content to be easily accessibly and sorted neatly into categories, but maybe that’s just me. I’ve considered simplifying mine – especially so that it is more concise for mobile viewing. I wonder what others think …



    I tried on a couple of themes and decided to change to Spectrum. I was using dusk to dawn and felt it was rather heavy and dark, but I wanted to keep it fairly clean looking and not one that relies on a lot of image space, since I am not so much of an image user. Spectrum is brighter and more uplifting, in fitting with my page. Thank you for this suggestion!


    Over the past year I have previewed several themes and have changed a couple of times. I went through them again today and realized I am really happy with what I am using!



    I’m curious about what others think of menus, too. I’ve always just used categories to sort my posts, but now I’m wondering if having menu pages would make it easier and/or look better.

    I found this challenge to be harder than I thought. It seems there’s a fine line between “clean” and “boring.” I’ve spent all morning playing with the different themes only to come to the conclusion that I really need to add more pictures (duh, I know).




    Question – does anyone know how I increase the number of rows of photographs on my home screen please? I can’t seem to find out how to do it on my dashboard or in the customisation section but I’ve seen other custom “Hatch” themed blogs which have a larger umber than what mine displays?

    Hatch theme description >
    Hatch live demo site >

    I used Google search and found this answer for you:

    Howdy! Just popping in to confirm that due to Hatch’s design it will only display 8 posts on the home page, regardless of the settings in Settings -> Reading.

    (The Customizer will display differently because it doesn’t display with Infinite Scroll.)

    I hope this clears things up!



    this is where I get into trouble. I could shop themes for days on end. I love so many of the wordpress themes. Right now I am with spun but was only able to change the photos to color, and can’t actually change the colors on the blog site . . . even though I go into customize and change the pallette, it shows me a different look, but then when I log back in it’s still a white background. I am assuming this is because it takes an upgrade to customize. same with ideation and indent.




    I am assuming this is because it takes an upgrade to customize. same with ideation and indent.

    If you have not purchased the custom design upgrade note that no changes you try out aside from those such as Custom Background, Custom Header, etc. which are stated on the theme description pages in the features column (right hand side) will be visible to visitors.

    You do not need to load the design tools unless you have the Custom Design upgrade. All of these functions can be accessed from your dashboard – without loading the custom design tools – no upgrade required.
    Appearance > Header
    Appearance > Background
    Appearance > Theme Options (applicable only to some themes)
    Settings > Reading (set a static front page)
    Site Title and Tagline > Settings > General

    If you are using the preview mode for the Custom Design upgrade some of the settings in that mode will save but they won’t show up on the front end unless you purchase the upgrade.

    To go back to the free options, go to Appearance → Themes → Customize → Colors and click the “exit the preview” link in yellow at the top of the panel on the right.



    I don’t know what you are one about. But I do know that I posted a correct response here and that’s because I have been answering questions here for over 7 years ie. longer than most Staff have even been on Staff.


    @marlawoodward – I have Adelle right now and decided to stick with it after this challenge.

    I was just playing around with the menus yesterday so you can see what I did here:

    I tried to keep it simple and more of a “high-level” to the site. :)



    I love browsing the themes and trying them out on my blog. I have tried out quite a few, but have always come back to my first choice of Oxygen. And once I figured out how to work the sticky posts to display featured content, I was hooked for good. (Until I see something else I like more.)


    I changed themes today on my new blog. I would love to know what you think. I had a question in my post on there I hope someone can answer.



    I am impressed by your comments have started to follow you…I am not contradicting you….I visited
    blog and its offline…

    …then it means he may have done something…in this situation best bet is to stick to the theme he was using earlier… the theme keeps most of what one does… ….

    I hope his blog comes online…




    I still can’t get the darn zero to hero image/widget in my sidebar. grrr argh

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