Zero to Hero: Day Five

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    Well, in the last few minutes, I changed my mind again. I just love the fonts on Splendio, so I changed over to it. I am just going to create a new custom header in Photoshop for this one.

    Thanks Michelle, you really had me thinking at 3am.

    Fellow Bloggers….Please tell me what you think



    I changed mine from Adele to Oxygen, as I wanted more of a magazine style. I liked the slider on the Oxygen theme, as it lets you showcase up to six posts. I also like that you have the option of both a left and right side bar.

    Good luck choosing your themes.


    @deejrandom, it does. You buy custom design for your blog, and can apply it to whichever theme you decide to use it, even if you change themes. The upgrade attaches to your blog, not to a specific theme.


    My theme is the Parament theme. I think I changed my theme at least once a week before landing on this theme. Best way to find a theme is to go on other blogs to see the full potential.



    @michelleweber thank you for your response. I shall do this.



    Day 5: Zero to Hero
    I won’t be changing themes 3 times today on my Zero to Hero blog and if you read my post into the last day’s thread you will know in part why that is. I tried a new theme design I did not feel particularly drawn to. However, I change themes on my test blogs many times daily to help others with issues they post here.

    Warning: I have very strong opinions about themes and features and I am a visually challenged artist with a background in color and design to draw on to boot. I hope this comment is helpful.

    I answer lots of support forum questions on themes and when I do I use my test blog and change the theme on it to the same one the person asking the question is using before I answer them. That means I am familiar with all of the 138 free themes and how they are designed.

    What I observe is that some bloggers do not read their detailed theme description found in the theme showcase. Others who do read it there don’t click into the support docs to locate what they need to know such as:
    Uploading a Custom Header Image
    Setting featured images
    * The exact dimensions of all featured images are critical to their display.

    All images lose image quality when you use the cropper so why do that? Why compromise image quality, waste your free media storage space, have to troubleshoot images, and end up with an ugly result when you don’t have to?

    When you upload HUGE images right out of your camera and expect the software to “fix” it what exactly do you expect? Doing that creates ugliness like pixelation, scrunching, stretching and/or one side of the image being hacked off. Hello! You would not try to park a Mac truck and trailer unit int a scooter sized space, so by analogy, then why are you doing that on your blog?

    There are free desktop image editing programs and free online image editing programs that you can use to optimize and pre-size images to fit prior to uploading them. Preparing all your images by optimizing them for the web and sizing them to fit before uploading them is the way to go.

    I don’t cotton to visiting blogs where the blogger has killed the lovely professional design and created an amateur appearance by

    • choosing to create a loud or even animated header image;
    • adding a busy distracting background image;
    • choosing to have too many columns with too much going on in them on the front page;
    • injecting special characters in their site title to create a unique appearance but in doing so has compromised SEO;
    • mucking about with the color, style and sizes of fonts in posts and pages creating a rainbow colored hodge podge of text that looks like childish and makes those with visual impairments have to keep re-focusing their eyes unnecessarily to read it;
    • creating a sidebar full of unrelated clutter such as meme badges and mile long blogrolls;

    Sidebars full of “tat” ie. useless decorative clutter like badges make me grind my teeth. How can new blogger fail to notice that experienced bloggers don’t have a lengthy roll gained from taking part in meme backlinking schemes in their sidebars and don’t have lengthy blogrolls.

    Please consider putting all distracting useless tat on a static page. Please don’t even consider putting anything it in your sidebar that is not minimalist in nature because less is more. I try to limit my sidebar content to
    (1) navigation aids aimed to direct visitors to blog content deeper than the front page of your blog;
    (2) navigation aids to aimed to direct visitors to related high quality content on similar blogs;
    (3) social networking icons in a welcome widget that states the blog’s site title and tagline and purpose in a few words as possible.

    I’m fully aware of the mobile explosion and I choose to use responsive layout themes on my blogs because I’ve been witnessing the growth of mobile use among my blog readers and I know that Responsive Web Design is the Gold Standard.
    Note: When using a responsive layout theme we go to > Appearance > Mobile and disable the mobile theme.

    I know responsive design means the theme layout adapts depending on the size of the device being used to view the site. When responsive width themes are viewed on mobiles sidebars appear below the posts in order to provide as much space as possible for reading. If you don’t know what that means check these out:
    one cool site: WordPress blogging tips tools & tutorials
    Note what happens to centered header text here when viewed in difference devices:
    this time – this space: living the simple life consciously and loving it

    The theme team provides a large selection of gorgeous themes and one or more will showcase your content beautifully. If you can’t find the perfect theme then find one that meets your requirements and buy an annually renewable custom design upgrade to tweak the appearance. CSS editing cannot be used to change the way any theme functions but appearance changes can go a long way to creating the image that suits you best.



    I have very literally, previewed every single theme over the past week so this was not such a new concept to me. So here’s what i did instead… :-D



    Note what happens to centered header text here when viewed in difference devices:
    this time – this space: living the simple life consciously and loving it


    Just to clarify for everyone, there’s no need to actually change themes — you can preview a new theme without switching over to it on If you do this, your site will most likely look different than the theme demo’s site and you may not get the full theme experience, but it also means your live blog won’t suddenly change appearance three times in a row :)


    Since I started blogging a couple of weeks ago, I’ve changed the theme several times but end up coming back to the Spectrum Theme. I’m sure once I get going better at this, I will upgrade and kick things up a notch or two. Learning so much here that its a lot to take in.



    I’ve trialled a few different styles today and I’m sure I’ll continue to experiment in the future but I keep returning back to Bushwick. I really like how it doesn’t have the sidebars and keeps all the of the tags and buttons and things hidden at the top of the page.



    I actually switched my theme around a couple days ago. I have a question though…How do I bookmark these posts, so I don’t have to go through 20 screens to find the next day’s assignment?


    I looked around at a few. The only other that interested me was Mixfolio… at the moment I’m on the Twenty Eleven theme. Problem is… i don’t know what i did at the start when organising my content but my blog doesn’t display my posts on my address… so i put a widget on my twenty eleven theme. In mixfolio, i have a blank front page… advice?!!



    When you used Twenty Eleven you created a static front showcase page. Now you may need to get rid of it and display posts on the front page.
    These may help:
    Guide to Mixfolio
    Guide to Duster and Twenty Eleven



    this is so annoying. I tried a couple of different themes, but now all my widgets that i created only two days ago are gone! so annoyed right now, since it took so much time to do them. Well I’ll probably be much faster this time around and it might even be good practice, but now my battery is empty and i don’t have a charger, and havn’t even found the right theme yet, so back to the old… :( maybe i have more luck tomorrow



    I went through three different themes before I launched my blog, picked a fourth after I had an entry published, and then I finally settled on Forever. To honor the Zero to Hero challenge, I went ahead and previewed over five other themes just now…but I’m stuck on the one I have. :) Still, it’s good I at least tried!



    Your widgets may not be visible but that’s easy to address. Read through the step by step that follows:

    You can quickly and easily change themes to another one found here and no data will be lost or negatively affected by the change. The only time you may have to do some work is if you are changing to a dramatically different theme and have done any CSS editing.

    Provided you are logged in as Admin under the same username account that registered the blog go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and browse themes until you find one you like and click “activate” or type in the name of the theme you want to use and
    click the “activate” link when it appears.

    After you change your theme all you need to do is go here Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets and re-install them where you want them to appear. The widget contents and settings will be the same as they were prior to changing themes.

    Also note that widgets now have “visibility” settings so we can select which pages they display on. See here:


    Change my theme, CHANGE MY THEME! My head is spinning. But I took so long choosing the blinking thing. Argh. ;)



    Every blogger needs a test blog to try out themes and widgets, etc. in. Why not register another blog, make it a private mirror blog of your primary blog so it becomes useful as well by being a backup blog you import content into on a regular basis.
    To register another blog under the same username account
    To change blog visibility go to > Settings > Reading
    To make a copy of the content and move it

    For more scroll down to Creating a mirror blog

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