Zero to Hero: Day Eleven

  • NOTE: Zero to Hero forum threads will close after five days. If you’re just starting out, welcome! Feel free to visit a more recent thread to say hello, ask questions, or seek feedback. Happy blogging!

    Day Eleven! We’re officially into the second phase of Zero to Hero, and your blogs are looking and sounding great.

    Today, continue strengthening the fabric of the blogosphere, with more than just follows — it’s time to leave comments on some new sites. If you’d like, you’ll also publish a post sharing some of your great finds with readers. Check out full details on the Zero to Hero main page.

    Use this space as a place to ask questions and seek feedback from fellow bloggers, share links to some of the interesting conversations you participate in today, or just to talk about blogging, why you’re here, and how your month is going.

    Please refrain from posting links to your blog unless you’re seeking feedback — this is a place for discussion. Instead, give your posts the “zerotohero” tag to enable other participants to find you.

    The Daily Post has a weekly open thread on Sundays called “Community Pool,” for peer feedback. If you’re looking for general feedback on your blog or feedback unrelated to this challenge, please visit that thread.

  • tomfromtechnoteamblog · Member ·

    When will the Community Pool be posted on the Daily Post today?

  • @tom, it’s open now! It’s posted every Sunday at noon United States EST / 17.00 GMT/UTC.

    Community Pool

  • @michelleweber

    Thanks for saying that we have to remember our comments….otherwise I’d be racking my brains come tomorrow!

    Now a couple of queries….one from yesterday again…..Can’t the <iframe> tag be used anywhere on my blog in any form? Also I added a background photo a few days back and did a menu change, I feel the blog is loading slower now…some help on that maybe. Thanks!

  • tomfromtechnoteamblog · Member ·

    @michelleweber Thanks. Just found today’s Community Pool.

  • @pkanwar, no, you’re not able to use iframes on a blog. As for load times, they shouldn’t be affected by either of those. I’d give it a day or two to see if it’s just a general connectivity issue, and if you’re still concerned, contact support or open a thread in the general support section of the forums.

  • Well, that was fun. It was a bit of a challenge to find blogs I didn’t comment on but I did it. I always have one lingering conundrum when it comes to commenting. Should we restrict ourselves to commenting just on the blogs with a similar subject to ours or should we spread our wings and leave a comment on a blog that deals with a topic we are light years away from? Maybe I’ll expand on that in post… How do other bloggers feel about that issue?

  • Question: When commenting (assuming your logged in), comments would show up as you/your gravatar regardless of which of your blogs dashboards your in – correct ?!? In other words, even if I have different blogs that I own – my comments would show up the same (ie my main WP acct/gravatar…

    OK, I’m not sure if that made any sense whatsoever – sorry.

  • If it’s one thing this task made me do is realise that I follow several blogs I have never commented on – I feel bad now. On to Day 9’s task, since I missed it! Currently racking my friend’s brain on what else to follow: my reader is pretty full for topics at the moment.

  • @anamelio I like trying to spread my wings and go a bit farther with each exploration into the blogshpere. I generally follow topics I’m interested in so when it comes time to do challenges like today I try going for a completely new topic to me. It’s amazing what you find sometimes!

  • You can remeber all your comments by going to your Dashboard. Then click on something like My Comments (in Germany Meine Kommentare). And voilà all your comments will pop up!

  • anamelio – I agree. It was a bit of a challenge for me too! I follow a relatively small number of blogs which I regularly read and although I am interested in reading new blogs, it can be hard to find ones which I feel drawn to reading and following.

    With regard to your question, I think the answer is to do whatever you feel comfortable with. :) Sometimes it is fun to explore new topics but I find that I’m a creature of habit and tend to follow topics which interest me most.

  • Hmmm…I’m a bit wary to engage with others. Ive been burnt before. Last time I engaged with someone it cost me a fortune not to mention the hours, days and months lost looking for a ring with the biggest shiny thing on top. I’ll give it a go but don’t expect a ring. (Unless your blog is freakin amazing!)

  • I had commented on 5 new blogs this morning before this challenge came up. I’ve already visited 5 more and found some really awesome blogs to follow! Such fun today!

  • @anameilo, hang on to that idea for tomorrow’s task!

  • Michelle, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow!

    Like I said on my post for today, since the beginning of my blog I have been trying to build a community around the subject of mental illness, so I spend several hours a day searching out and commenting on others blogs. Thanks for the excellent reminder to keep it up. I found three great new blogs today.

    I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge today!

  • @michelleweber whoops, I already published the post, but don’t worry, I always have plenty material to expand on that

  • Great task today,

    found some interesting blogs.
    looking forward to tomorrows task.

  • I read 5-8 blogs daily and comment on them but the challenge was to express my thoughts on reading them. Luckily I got to read some beautiful blogs which inspired me to write my blog:

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