Zero to Hero: Day Eight

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    Not sure if what I did is enough but I tried my best!!! What do you guys think?


    Third time lucky? have completely rewritten About Me, hopefully transforming the shopping list into a menu. What do you think?
    Thanks to all at wordpress – the challenges have really helped.


    @glamfacez1, if you’re a brand-new blogger, I’d recommend doing the days in order. Don’t worry if you can’t get to an assignment on a specific day, just keep working your way through each one. If you’ve been blogging for a while, it’ll be a bit easier to skip around (although I’d still recommend going in order).



    I am completely at a loss! I did put in some effort to put up a workable about page…made some additions etc some days into my blogging journey…then the ZTH team asked us on day 1 to introduce ourselves….some more on me…Now I simply am unable to figure out what to write…I want to improve upon the about page…but nothing comes to mind and not for lack of trying or because I think its perfect…and to add to my ‘blogpost block’ everyone seems to have done so nicely…..



    I just rewrote my About Page. Fellow bloggers what do you think?

    I have linked my other websites to this page, but these are not opening in a NEW window. What am I doing wrong?
    Please let me know.Thanks, Kathy



    I have a query about my blog notification settings but its not connected to my about page…can I ask here or I have to go to another forum?



    @rootjosh @michelleweber From yesterday’s issues with the display-post shortcode … I realised that although *I* tagged things as ‘genealogy’ or ‘gardening’, WP had changed those to ‘genealogy-2’ and ‘gardening-2’. I’m assuming this was because I had Pages with the same titles?

    As I display my tags in a cloud, I clicked the relevant tag and looked at what appeared in my address bar.

    Using the *actual* tags it worked fine! Thank you for your help and patience yesterday! :)



    Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t finish this before the next challenge went up. Still, I’m only 14 minutes late!

    Was really tempted to just copy and paste my Introduction post from Day One into my About page but I figured that’d be a huge cop-out. So, here’s my About page, written on day-old fumes and about four hours of sleep:

    Do take a read and let me know what you think! Or don’t. I don’t care. Kidding. Please love me.

    ps. Does anyone know why I can’t seem to edit the permalink of that page to /about/? Nothing against the number 4 but it looks kinda odd there.


    TY for your kind words. I appreciate it. Visited your blog 2Sojourners. An AWESOME site about China. Great pictures and a lot of good information.
    Good luck for you in 2014.


    Sorry it’s @sylviacole



    I enjoyed the “About” page assignment. I definitely needed to spark up my About page. I guess I haven’t decided if the About page is about my blog or about me, or both. I think the page is improved in its ‘catchiness’ but is probably too long because I am combining the “about my blog’ and “about me.” Appreciate any feedback. It’s a process.

    About me

    My goal for this year is step my blog up several notches. It does get regular google hits but not enough to inspire subscribers. I know I need to change the name and welcome any thoughts.

    I’m enjoying the “Zero to Hero” mini-lessons!


    I redid my about me page. I tried my best to make it more personable.

    I would love for someone to tell me if this one is ok..



    Hello everybody,

    Here is my About Me page. I found it hard to write about myself.
    But I gave it a try anyway.



    @deejrandom thanks for the suggestion. I’ve broken the paragraph up into smaller parts and I think it looks much better!


    @rootjosh – This is the site. Do you want to see a photo of the code? I did publish the page, but had to use “categories” instead of “tags.”



    Friday night and I have finally time to join this party! Who cares that Maroon 5 are playing today!…ok, I do…but this is not a bad place to be at all :-)



    OK, I never really thought about it before, but I really do go look for the about page when I read a blog the first time. I think I finally got one I like. I tossed the first one:


    I spent the evening revamping my About page. I think it is a LOT better than the one that has been there for the first 4 years! I took ideas from both the 101 and 201 suggestions and tried to avoid the “shopping list” style – at least in the 1st paragraph.

    Like others, I realized through the Zero-to-Hero challenge to read more blogs that I really do read people’s About pages! I may read one post and enjoy it, but I read their About page to find out if I would have any interest in Following their entire blog. So that gave me motivation to work on mine. ;)

    Feedback, anyone?



    I liked reading your story, especially the part about feeling like you found home when you visited Ontario and decided to move there! Awesome!

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