Zero to Hero: Day Eight

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    @timethief – thank you for the feedback! :) (sorry this reply took so long)


    ok i already had an about page, i started blogging 1,5 month ago so im still quite happy with it. But im going to change the first sentences to make it more of an eyecatcher thanks for the tips! i will post my about page when i have done that. In the mean time im going to finish my smoothie and go for a yoga session :D



    Just finished up day 7 and will be working on day 8 this weekend ;-) If you would like to check out a hilarious librarian video, check out my my first youtube video post :-D

    I am loving these challenges! :-D



    It was harder than I first thought. but finally did it. Here is my About page. if you have a moment then feedback please..


    ok….I gave it some thought. Went back and forth several times and I finally came up with an About page (Hola [Hello]) page that I’m actually proud to display.
    Feedback is appreciated.



    I have ended up changing my theme (again) and updated my About page. Am very impressed with some of the ones I’ve been looking at. Lots of interesting people out there :) Still not too sure about some things like adding in links and pages but am learning lots from this challenge, just have to take it slowly. Feel free to visit me and let me now what you think.



    I just added a page all by myself – well I followed the instructions and it worked!!!!! Instead of ‘Contact me’ I called it ‘Join me’. So pleased with myself.


    I feel like an idiot! I didn’t even realize I didn’t have an about page–just my profile from google stuck to a page for me! LOL S o now I have one, with pictures and music! Hope it is much better and if you visit I’d appreciate some feedback! I did visit several of your pages, thanks for the examples! It helped a great deal!



    I’ve always been pretty reluctant about my about page. Never been the kind of person that’s comfortable with revealing stuff about myself. But I decided to bite the bullet with today’s challenge, and I think the page is much better now. I think I’ve done a fine job of conveying what my blog’s all about. Feedback would be great, though!


    Here’s a link to my updated About page.


    Great header foto.

    Like the pics and music combination.

    What a good idea to speak as a “pen”.

    Good luck for everyone.



    Over the years, I’ve rewritten about pages so dang many times. I kind of cringed when I read today’s assignment. I think the about page is hugely important, as the challenge said. But it’s just so hard!

    But I took the plunge and re-wrote my about pages on all three blogs! It took awhile. In the end, none of them turned out remotely the same. Probably because I really thought through the very first point, and let that drive each one.

    I’d love feedback. When I recover, I’ll check out other people’s efforts as well.




    You weren’t duped, you’re just ahead of the game. That gravatar profile is really important. I hate when someone leaves a comment on my blog, but hasn’t set their gravatar up correctly and so I have a hassle getting to their blog. It’s great that you took the time to do it. One small detail…you should add the link to your blog onto it, so that people can click through from there.



    @sylviacole. Thanks. I’m going to go back and put the link back in.

    Can you all click over to my about page. I was going to change my theme again, but it was such a pain just getting the photos on the side.

    Specific feedback I’d like:

    1) The order of the pictures. I wanted the self pic first because it tied into that paragraphs idea, but grrrrrrrr.

    2) I tried to tie the name of my blog to the last line. Is it hokey?

    3) Is the smiley face childish? I haven’t found my Internet voice yet. I don’t want to come off as too uptight.

    Thank you much. If you check me out, I’ll be sure to return the favour.


    Made it in the nick of time (australia time). Finished my about page. I’m pretty happy with it! If you want to check it out and give me feedback that would be very much appreciated! You guys rock.


    I have completely rewritten my page Introducing Clare. Please go there and tell me what you think. My previous draft, a year ago, is now in a comment at the bottom of the page. Comments on that are also welcome. I need feedback.

    It is probably a good thing to redraft the About page at least once a year.



    I’ve already revised my About Page 25+ times already, as seen in the history of revisions. It looked fine to me, but I still welcome suggestions..

    I edited my About This Blog widget, instead.



    @jonathan If you’re happy with your About page, that’s most important. If you’re looking to improve your writing, consider than in the first paragraph you use the word “blog” five times, twice in the same sentence.

    Though very good, you could shorten your second paragraph by combining ideas. For example, “I’m finishing university as a computer programer”, or looking for redundancies (“Here’s a little bit about myself” is the meaning of the paragraph, and so is kind of redundant).

    Again, if you’re happy with it, don’t worry. It looks good — and nice pic btw.



    @nematheresa, you did a very good job, especially for ESL.

    One thing, when you make a list you would need a colon ( : ) , not a semi colon ( ; ). “I love to tell tales; good and bad” should have a colon.

    “I am a wildflower named Dandelion”, that’s a great line.




    I think I’ve read everyone’s about pages in this thread, and hands down you have the best! It was so intriguing I had to do google translator, and see what it really said, which was a total hoot, by the way. My favorite line in the translated version: “Or … just because of this knowledge, I throw myself to the sensual pleasures of the chest.
    … I cherish meat and greed …”

    Honestly, it is so great. You really told a visual story!

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