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    I just noticed a pop up box appearing on the bottom right of the screen when I read my posts — it says “You might also like” and diverts readers to other random posts.

    This used to appear below posts and we were able to turn it off using the Appearance/Extras link in the dashboard but I can’t find a way of turning off this new pop up box version.

    How do I get rid of it please?


    The blog I need help with is traceyupchurch.com.


    Argh! It started off diverting to a religious site (I’m not religious) and now it’s diverting here: http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/5-ways-to-get-more-traffic-to-your-blog/ which just looks exactly like a spam bot. This is awful. I just paid for a premium theme and diverted visitors from another existing blog and now I’m flashing them a spam button?!

    Please help.



    Maybe Staff have placed that on our blogs. I see
    Content From Sponsors, by Taboola
    You May Like linked to http://www.taboola.com/

    I flagged this thread for an explanation from Staff.

    Many of us have asked for the linkwithin widget. It is great because it features only your own earlier content – not content from other blogs.


    Thanks Timethief.

    Your widget thing sounds great — linkwithin — but our own previous content is different from what I’m seeing.
    I’m now seeing links telling me how to protect my loved ones in a Zombie apocalypse. :(( http://clotildajamcracker.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/protecting-your-loved-ones-in-the-zombie-apocolypse/
    or amazon $8 a month links.

    Maybe it’s a virus. I do have AVG & McAfee on though. I might try disabling the ‘follow’ button because that’s where this new button is appearing. (But I liked the follow button when it just did the follows!)

    Thanks for your help, really appreciated.



    I checked out you other posts and see more of the same. These are defintely not related to your blog content:
    What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You РThe Daily …From Red Orbit
    How to Feel Beautiful With PsoriasisFrom Lifescript
    Photography: 10 Ways to Make Your Photos GreatFrom EverydayFamily
    What Do You Need to Start Investing?From CouponShoeBox

    I think it’s advertising. I don’t see any sign of this on my blog which has a No-Ads upgrade.


    CouponShoeBox?! Ha ha… eek.
    If these are ads, it’s weird though, because some of the links go to other personal/non-commercial WordPress blogs. This is the latest: http://alumrockstar.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/bruv-is-dis-topia/

    I’ve killed the ads on my previous blog (http://marthawilliams.org) and disabled Wordads. It seems to have stopped on that one, I think…

    I don’t have the ‘no-ads’ upgrade on my current site (http://traceyupchurch.com) and disabling the Follow button didn’t get rid of the pop up.

    If I buy the no-ads upgrade, will this get rid of it? Did anyone warn us about this button — it’s new, isn’t it? Or have I only just noticed it?

    Thanks again for your help. :)



    I have never seen these on blogs at WordPress.com. I do have an answer to your question because Staff must first verify whether or not these have been placed on your blog by Staff, or they are the result of your blog being hacked, etc.


    OK, thanks — I’ll wait for staff to answer. I have checked out other blogs — I can see it on my wordpress.com blogs, and on some of my friends’ wordpress.com blogs — not on every post view, but every few clicks up it pops.
    I’m not seeing it on any WordPress.org blogs (I checked a handful, no idea what upgrades or ad systems they have), and it’s not on any blogspot sites. So it looks like a wordpress.com thing.



    I can see it on my wordpress.com blogs, and on some of my friends’ wordpress.com blogs — not on every post view, but every few clicks up it pops.

    That’s interesting information.

    There are many waiting for Staff support who posted before you did. Will you please subscribe to this thread so you are notified when Staff respond to it.


    Yeah, I’m subscribed — thanks for your help.

    Actually, Timethief, you may have fixed it — I just paid for the no-ads upgrade and so far they’ve vanished. Woo hoo. Thanks!

    I’ll leave this thread open as I would like staff to confirm this is what it was (otherwise it might come back?).



    Oh the other thing I was going to say was, I could see them even when I was logged into WordPress…? Unlike the other ads.



    Even with the no-ads upgrade, I’m getting them — the last one linked to this just 2 mins ago: http://mirifiquebeauty.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/harvey-nichols-beauty-bazaar-liverpool-glitz-and-glamour-for-the-super-glam-part-1/

    ( Help! )



    Is that widget appearing on my blog personal blog here http://thistimethisspace.com currently?



    I flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    No, it is not.

    (Note, I removed my reply above as we’ll have a more detailed one shortly.)



    I am so angry I could spit!



    Howdy all,

    This is a new related posts feature that we are testing. It recommends other posts from across WordPress.com. Your site might also get more traffic from it. Only a small percentage of logged in users are seeing this.

    Our goal is to gather some data on how well the algorithm works. This will not be the final incarnation. Any final version will come with more controls.



    Thanks for the confirmation that my personal blog is being pimped out to promote other blogs I would dream of visiting.

    Not impressed!



    edit = “other blogs I would dream of visiting. ” was meant to be “other blogs I would NOT dream of visiting.”

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