YOU changed my theme without my knowledge

  • Why has my site theme been changed? I had a picture of a city street on the top. Today when I looked at my blog, it has this horrible new green corraline theme on it. Do you always randomly change people’s themes? It’s horrible. I changed it immediately to a plain blue theme, because I can’t find my old theme. Where is my old theme? And do I have to check this every day to see if you’re changing the theme on me???????

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Yes, mine theme was changed too, from Cutline to Coraline. Although my other site was untouched. I noticed a half dozen tweets about it today. I thought I’d been hacked, but it seems to have come from Ironically, this is what’s posted on the WordPress support page: “Support is currently closed as staff meet offsite brainstorming ways to make things better. We will be dropping into the forums regularly during the hiatus, and we’ll formally reopen on August 16th.”

    FYI, if you had a bunch of Widgets, you might find some of them saved at the bottom of the widget section.

  • @theresahenigeoland
    Cutline has been replaced by Coraline Here’s the link to the announcement >
    You will find your widgets in the “Inactive Widgets” box and can then reinstall them in your sidebar.

    If you have the CSS upgrade please clcik this link to the sticky post at the head of the forum >

  • @
    Please see what I posted immediately above.

  • Just wondering if WP might change policy and offer a bit of advance notice next time they switch out themes. Since I have a beloved older theme without lots of bells and whistles, I now have this vague, creeping dread that I will wake up one day and it will be “new and improved” — kind of like waking up and you’re married to someone similar, yet different. A heads-up would make for happier bloggers, doncha think?

  • I absolutely agree.
    It’s a good thing I don’t lose my temper too quick, but I am still rather ticked off over this nasty surprise.

    I don’t appreciate being caught off guard like this.

    Now I have to waste more time trying to get this operational again.

  • This was terribly handled by WP. It took me by complete surprise and I’ve spent far too long this morning cleaning up the mess… a bit of notice and some clear instructions beyond forum posts buried deep in the haystack would be nice

  • I am really upset by this change. It is very unprofessional and was handled badly. I now have to spend the rest of my evening trying to fix things. The reason I changed to WordPress was to avoid these kinds of messes. We deserve an apology.

  • I in the same boat as you all and very upset. I still can’t find my widgets or restore as it was yesterday. If WP had to wipe out our theme, couldn’t they at least leave the widgets & links intact! Recent Comments are gone and there’s nothing to click which brings you to the last comment. I don’t know that I have time, mood or know how to bring it all back! WP used to be so great with good support.

  • My widgets are also gone. The “inactive widgets” have nothing in them! The image widgets and text widgets are empty. Nothing shows up now. Damn…I just switched to Cutline about a month ago. Should have stayed with Koi.

  • I go to my blog this evening and lo and behold, all the widgets and buttons I spent time getting just right have disappeared. There’s nothing in my Inactive Widgets either. My blog looks like someone threw up on it. Are you kidding me? What a total dick move on WP’s part. Same goes for the forced Coraline transition. The Neil Gaiman reference just makes it worse. (Would it have been that hard to email everyone who uses the Cutline theme saying the transition’s coming? You’ve got everyone’s email address, don’t you?) Please fix this. Now.

  • Hi, everybody. We’re sorry if you’ve experienced any interruptions with your blog layout. Custom CSS users were notified in advance that Cutline would be replaced with Coraline and we’ve been working with them since that announcement to make sure the transition between themes is as smooth as possible.

    If any Sidebar Widgets disappeared after the theme switch they should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets pane. If they’re not, or if you need help setting up any of your widgets again, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you out.

    @theresahenigeoland We won’t be able to switch your blog back to Cutline. It’s been phased out, replaced with Coraline, and will no longer be available on

    @niwotcentral There are no plans to replace Chaotic Soul.

    @maryannwilliams The Recent Comments widget is still available from Appearance → Widgets.

    Let us know if you run into other issues. We’re happy to help.

  • Themeshaper: we don’t want help. We just want Cutline back. This change was unasked for and gives us a vastly inferior product. How you can defend this I am not sure.

    This change has killed as an option. If I cannot count on being able to run my own blog, that is intolerable. Ar ethere any good Canadian blog providers that II can move my blog to?

  • Don’t non-Custom CSS users deserve to be informed too? Even if you had no choice but to remove Cutline, it’s plain courtesy to inform those affected.

  • Themeshaper:
    In my opinion, this change was absolutely disrespectfully with the users of WordPress.
    As mvwphoto says: “we don’t want help. We just want Cutline back.”
    Simple as that.

  • “Custom CSS users were notified in advance that Cutline would be replaced with Coraline …”

    This is almost more maddening than if no one at all had been notified. As wakingupto says, don’t non-Custom CSS users deserve the courtesy of some notice?

    Just to be clear, I wasn’t a Cutline user, but one of my blogs uses PressRow, which I understand is to be axed as well. Just checked my dashboard — nothing about those plans.

  • I am just home from vacation and realizing that my good-looking Cutline theme has vanished and is replaced with Coraline. I don’t like my subhead in the title, dislike the overall look and am disappointed. Like others, I’d like to see Cutline restored.

  • I’m afraid that the return of Cutline isn’t possible. As far as I know, this was a General Public License (GPL) affair.

    Why WordPress Themes are Derivative of WordPress

    (Found in Matt’s blog)

  • @myyearofwellness
    Cutline has been replaced by Coraline and will NOT be restored.

    This is the link to the sticky post at the head of this forum wherein Staff provide vital information for those who have the new Coraline theme. In that thread they assist members with technical issues not covered in the FAQs found in the original post in the thread. >

    If you have the CSS upgrade please click this link to the sticky post at the head of the forum >

  • Having the same problem! I loved my old theme, Twenty Ten. It was actually a fairly new theme. Advance notice so we could have changed ourselves would have been nice. Where is the tech support?

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