Yashrajc.wordpress.com site Recovery Request

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    Yashrajc.wordpress.com site Recovery Request.
    the site was showing the blog posts. i wanted it to show the static pages. somehow
    while fixing it, i deleted the site. now i want it back. can you please help and add that back to MY SITES under my login.


    Hi there,

    I was able to successfully restore your deleted blog. Please note that this is usually not possible, and there are many clear warnings throughout the deletion process.

    Be very careful with that delete button in the future! :)



    WOW ! thanks Bro !
    One more help !

    How can i make the HOME point to Static page not the Posts [ blog ] ?
    that was something which i was trying to achieve.

    Please help.


    i did it. by adding a static page & got the option in settings > readings !

    yo !

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