Wu Wei theme; Altering color in Main Menu (top page)

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    My site: http://abeautifulevolution.wordpress.com/
    .Com: Yes
    CSS Editing Package Purchased: Yes.
    Theme: Wu Wei

    Problem: I cannot adjust the colors in the main/navigation/pages menu at the top of the page. Text/Link font/color is not a problem. It is specifically that little bit of colored bar that appears on hover – white/blue (dark theme) or grey/orange (light theme). I would like to adjust that base color as well as the hover over color – to keep the colors consistent on my page. I am not sure – even with Internet Developer – what the specific “id” is, and thus am unable to set up the code.
    Or maybe it is a part of the php; therefore, cannot be adjusted?

    I have just delved into the world of CSS, and of all the progress made, this is one hurdle I cannot seem to overcome. Currently, none of my personal css modifications are on the site. Any help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is abeautifulevolution.wordpress.com.


    Add this, replacing 000000 with the hex codes for the colors you prefer:

    .menu-main a {border-color: #000000;}
    .menu-main a:hover {border-color: #000000 !important;}
    .menu-main .current_page_item a {border-color: #000000;}



    Thank you! That has solved almost the entire problem. The interface looks great when I plug it in, but I am still having a problem in that same menu-main area.

    If you hover the mouse in the white space between the “home” and “about” pages, the top color still highlights orange, regardless of the CSS modifications in place.

    Is there a way to fix this?


    Sorry, hadn’t noticed that. Add this too:
    .menu-main li:hover > a { border-color:#000000; }

    But you’ve left the 000000s untouched: other colors would be better. Palettes here:



    That worked beautifully. I did, in fact, leave the colors untouched for the time being. I want to finish fleshing out the changes to the design before playing with a potential color scheme.

    Thank you again for your help and the awesome hex color reference link :)

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