WP changed format of my pictures? – Why??

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    I have the same problem. Can you please fix that?
    Thank you very much!




    I opened a support call a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back. Both my blogs
    dinnerfornone.wordpress.com and kikiskuechenleben.wordpress.com are affected. Can you please fix those too?


    Hi, we’re having the same issue on our blog:

    If the script could be run for us too, that would be most appreciated…


    OK, my blog looks to be fine except I can´t upload any images, (left message approx 30 mins ago) so is this something to do with the same problem. Is it being worked on in the background, is it just a matter of leaving the website for a few hours and everything will be resolved.



    I uploaded a new photo to my press page last night. I re-sized it manually using the HTML view but when I updated it it appeared as maximum size. I went back in and re-sized it using the Visual mode and made it 90% and saved it, then back to 100% and saved it and then it appeared as the correct size. I just uploaded another test photo to bottom of my press page and re-sized it manually and it is showing up maximum size. I should not have to go thru all the steps listed above every time I upload a new photo when attempting to manually manipulate the size using the html code. http://jellomoldmistress.com/press/



    Yes I must agree with the above comment. My site is still having issues as well and this needs to be resolved, it makes the site look unprofessional and im not a happy bunny! just another wordpress blog messup.



    Same problem here with some of the pictures



    I am having problems with my image sizes, too. http://upwoods.wordpress.com

    Thank you for any help!


    I have the exactly same problem. If you could please run the script for http://dieTauschlade.wordpress.com/ it would be great!!! thanks!


    Still no resolution regarding this issue? Not to sound impatient but a reply from staff would be appreciated regarding this issue instead of just expecting users to faf around until they find this thread and then wait til whenever for a reply. I must say that I do find this way of dealing with major problems very unprofessional and im sure wordpress could do better than this.Wordpress do seem to have a awful bad habit of rolling out “updates” which seem to cause more problems than they solve without prior testing and then expecting the user to trawl the internet in hopes of a solution to a problem they have not created! Perhaps wordpress could send out a notification of upcoming changes stating when they will be rolled out so that if users do notice problems they dont spend all day p**s ar**ing around to fimd they couldnt solve it anyway.. communication is the key and sadly it something wordpress really need to get their heads around!



    Please, the same problem. http://mundomanagement.wordpress.com Simpla Theme.



    I’ve the same problem.
    Please can you help me


    An example

    Thank you very much!!



    My blog is also experiencing this problem, and when I put in a support staff request for help WordPress quickly responded. Unfortunately, their first attempt to fix it didn’t work, so I’m still waiting. Keeping my fingers crossed and trying to stay optimistic that they can fix it for all of us.


    Same problem on http://jansmaensoli.wordpress.com/

    Funny though, on my other blog, where i resized a lot of pictures on a page, there is no problem at all. http://barbarajansma.wordpress.com/



    At risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m experiencing the same thing as everyone else: various images & icons on my blog/site are resized (though the image dimensions have not been changed) and appear much larger than they did or were meant to. I noticed it the other day on another site I update. It now looks terribly unprofessional. (Note: There also seems to be a glitch with the uploading process at times, too.)

    I’d appreciate assistance for the following:




    I was having a problem with my images as well. After I resized them, they wouldn’t be aligned to the right or left any more and I couldn’t figure it out. Any suggestions?



    same here!
    thanks for helping!



    I have the same problem on both of my blogs.


    Yet another request for a fix: http://strangeflowers.wordpress.com. Like most people, I don’t want to take up excessive bandwidth, it’s just that often you only know how your images should appear once you upload, and so you resize them.

    I know the engineers are reluctant to run a universal fix, but this does seem quite widespread. In any case, thanks for the help

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