WordPress.com is hosting/supporting a cyber-bulling webpage targeting a Disabled

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    I’m the mother of Kim, I won’t go into detail about my daughter’s disablity. But, I didn’t really wanted public pos
    t this too. I had no other choice beacuse I don’t find anything to contect WordPress.com.

    The person “Andrea Brooke” that publish slander was a classmate of my daughter’s at Cal Arts. Andrea Brooke was caught copying art from daughter Kim and was dismissed for it 2005. Ever sents then she been causing herassmet to my daughter and our family. She even went to the point to stalk and do bodily harm too Kim. Andrea Brooke has been arrested and served with a restraining order that the judge and courts allows us to renew. Part of this order Andrea Brooke was order to remove Kimmaugh.com her original slander site on Kim. It seems just moved to its ne host Worldpress.com.

    I will ask WordPress.com to attend to matter legally or I will be force to take legal action.

    Barbara Keister

    The blog I need help with is barbarakeister.wordpress.com.



    This blog http://www.kimmaugh.com/ is not being hosted by WordPress.com and we cannot help you with your issue.



    For clarity please read this > WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: The Differences


    Barbara, you are likely to have to go directly after them via their web hosting company. They have private registration on the domain registration, but they are hosted at http://lithiumhosting.com/ . You should be able to find abuse contact information. It might be that they will require some sort of police report or something like that. I don’t know any of the legalities surrounding this sort of thing or if the web host Terms of Service address this sort of thing or not. Contact them though and they should be able to give you some information on how to proceed.



    Since you have a court order, this should be relatively simple. Just email them with a copy, and a link to the site in question, and that should work. Try abuse @ lithiumhosting . com


    Oops, I seemed to have skimmed over that bit in the original post. Thanks @raincoaster for picking that up.



    First of all, this is completely ludicrous. This person is a known troll/cyber-stalker, with much proof to back it up.

    Secondly, this same individual has send me numerous harassing emails and for some reason thinks that I am the individual behind this website – I certainly am not, but she persists.

    I have never gone to ‘CalARTS’, and thus was never dismissed from the school, nor have I ever BEEN to California at all – I live in North Carolina. This person is making up ridiculous statements based on the fact that she did these things to someone else (see above link) and is just attempting to play the victim.

    Please do not listen to the viritol that ‘Barbara’ spews.



    Posting in the forum will do you no good. We’re volunteers. Follow the instructions we gave.

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