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    Hi, I have 2 websites: http://www.theretrocinema.com and http://www.victoriangaslamp.com. I run similar plugins, all up to date on both, but use them on separate browsers (the first for over 4 yrs) . As of last night, both sites when I post, fail to show images on twitter. has something changed?



    Hi there,

    If I view the source code for the most recent posts on both those sites in my browser, I can see the twitter:image meta tag added by the Jetpack plugin, for both of them, so the information Twitter needs to know which image to display is there. So if Twitter isn’t showing that image, it’s something on Twitter’s end.

    Can you give me links to a specific post on each site that you shared, as well as links to the resulting tweets, if you haven’t deleted them yet?

    And did you share these links using Jetpack’s Publicize feature that shares your posts automatically when you publish, or did you share the links manually?


    Hi Kokkieh,
    thanks for getting back to me.
    I do have jetpack installed and set to share the posts on twitter automatically.
    I have noticed also that images arent being shared when you try and post a link directly via twitter.
    From a few posts I have seen on twitter since i posted this, you’re right I think in suspecting twitter of being the problem
    Thanks for your time though



    is a tweet on me second account having the same problem


    is ther wordpress post


    Oh, it seems like I can’t see this tweet but, since a few months already Publicize will no longer attach a picture to your tweet, instead allowing Twitter to display the Twitter card it renders. I’m wondering if trying the old way would help.

    You can download a plugin like Code Snippets to one of your sites and add this code to try it:

    add_filter( 'jetpack_publicize_options', function( $option ) { 
        $option['attach_media'] = true;
        return $option;
    } );

    it’s more that when you post a link, the image for the link isnt showing, just the URL
    i knew about publicize changing images, but this has only happened as of a couple of days ago



    As it also happens when sharing a link to Twitter manually, the problem is definitely on Twitter’s end, as I can see the meta tag linking to an image in your posts.

    Try running your links via Twitter’s card validator at https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator, and see if that makes any difference. If it doesn’t, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.


    thanks again kokkieh, all my testing/eliminating seemed to point to that as well


    Just posting this here, in case anyone looks for a solution

    I was using the 2010 theme, I updated to the 2011 theme – sure i had to make all the grpaic changes etc again,

    the system now allows me to post as I was before. crate a post, add a graphic and it all comes up in twitter just fine :)

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