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    Dear WordPress, as you may be aware, I am the owner of the Irish history site The Irish Story http://www.theirishstory.com . Recently someone has created a mirror site on wordpress http://irishhistory.co/ that takes all the content from my site and claims the copyright as their own. How can this site be stopped from doing this? I would really appreciate if you could get back to me on this, as this anonymous site stealing content from all of the contributors to the Irish Story and then claiming copyright over it is completely unacceptable. Please contact me at (email redacted). Thank you and best regards, John Dorney

    The blog I need help with is dorneythoughts.wordpress.com.



    Hello there!

    It looks as though the website that you require assistance with is a self-hosted WordPress.org site rather than WordPress.com.

    This forum is designed to help clients hosted by WordPress.com. For more information on the difference between the two please check out this link: https://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org.

    If you are in need of support for your self-hosted website you may be able to find an answer on the WordPress.org support page at the link provided: https://wordpress.org/support/ or as an alternative you may want to contact your hosting provider.

    Hopefully this helps!




    Hi there,

    As @codekmyta correctly pointed out, irishhistory.co is not hosted by us (WordPress.com) and therefore we have no authority over it.

    It is using the self-hosted version of WordPress and it’s hosted by z2i.org. Therefore I suggest either contacting the site owner or the hosting provider in order to resolve this.



    Ok, I’ll do that. Thank you.



    I can tell you my experience in this regard:

    Last year, I had a problem as yours.

    I made a careful translation to spanish (my language) of a web page, and I communicated my work to authors. So good!

    But, in a few days, I observed that another page (also in spanish) plagiarized my translation without any regard on my effort.

    The problem was twofold, since the page that I had plagiarized had much higher level in the ranking and in the audience, so my own translation was very low in the results of Google.

    I warned the cheats, but they ignored me. Then, I got in touch with Google, told them my problem, and in little time they solved it!

    I appreciated it to Google for their work and attention.

    Good luck!

    My translation:

    The plagiarism:

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