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    I am trying to take down a wordpress site, but for some reason it isn’t connected with my account


    This account was only created 2 days ago. Perhaps you need to log in to a different account? What about:


    When i went to link above it said member since 2015 in one place and member since 2 days ago in another. How do i access the original account from 2015?



    brianpistotnik is the 5 year old account, brianpistotnik22aa0d6261 is only 2 days old. Log out from brianpistotnik22aa0d6261 and login again as brianpistotnik to get access to your site.


    I don’t have access to the email or password for the login ID brianpistotnik.
    How do I get that reset?


    Have you ever purchased any upgrades for your unnamed site? If it is a free site it is doubtful that you will be able to access it without a Transaction ID, Activation URL or the email address associated with the site.

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