WordPress is not the answer I was looking for

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    So I am to understand that there really is no friendly support staff on hand to help with this importing of my tumblr? It’s been over 24 hours and I have 0 progress and I don’t need to wait for hours more …

    The blog I need help with is hairyhirsutehandsomebear.home.blog.


    WordPress.com is a great place to be but today isn’t a normal day. See: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/tumblr-imports/
    Due to the changes at tumblr there is currently heavy traffic at the WordPress.com importer so please be patient as staff work through the backlog to reach you. They need to reset your importer themselves.


    Hi there!

    I’ve double checked to confirm your import is indeed still running. It didn’t cancel so far, or isn’t stalled.

    We’re processing quite a few imports from Tumblr at the moment, which is causing a backlog of imports in our system. While it may look like your import failed, it’s just in line for processing, and luckily it’s still in the queue. Please allow this to run further, and if it hasn’t completed in another few hours, please reach out here on this thread and we can cancel this process for you.

    You can attempt a fresh import at that stage.



    I can’t even figure out how to get back there to look if it is still running … All you want to do is create me a new blog and I thought I had one to look at!!



    OK, sorry … I found it … but THE IMPORTER IS STILL RUNNING AFTER 4 days ... At this rate I’ll be dead before it does me any good…




    It has been 4 days… I am still at ground zero … Please, if you tell me to wait again and see if its working, then you may as well tell me goodbye and I’ll write a review wherever I finally land …

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi there,

    Your import is still queued and it will start soon. However, at this point I’m not able to give an estimate on how long it might take to catch up with the backlog, though.

    Also, if you’re moving due to Tumblr’s recent announcement that they will no longer allow adult content on their service, please note that we also have restrictions on the type of mature content allowed on WordPress.com, and pornographic content is not allowed on our service at all.



    Sites that violate these policies may be suspended.

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