WordPress domain after death of author ?

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    Hello to everyone ,
    I have a serious question about WordPress domain. If I will pay the domain and I will continue to pay every year , but, at this time I will die, what happen with my blog? Will be shut down from net or remain online?
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is 322danizvernariu.wordpress.com.




    The base blog will remain online (whatever.wordpress.com) – but if you have domain mapping that will go away unless someone continues to pay the bill and the site will be very hard to find, since you will not be making posts to tell search engines about the new address (base blog)

    your best option is to have a reliable person pay the bill for any upgrade – you could leave some money for that to a reliable person to keep paying the bills with –

    What type of upgrade does your blog have?

    There is no requirement for a blog to have new content to it, so the death of an owner will not cause the blog to be deleted.

    some people have set blogs up here that have had terminal illnesses, they left the comments open for 60 days then they closed automatically, that allowed friends to leave last comments and after 60 days there were no more comments to be checked (the bloggers had the comments set to require moderation to make sure no spam or off taste glad the sob is dead stuff sneak through)


    Yah, i see. Thank you Galois & Auxclass , now is clear. Nothing is forever



    You’re welcome.



    You be welcome

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