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    I agree. However it’s an accurate reason that’s needed without obfuscation.

    Also no reply from @supernovia to my request (earlier comment) to know how to set up a grid pattern.

    Now I cannot even add new posts to existing prompts. on the Daily Prompts page.
    No reply yet from my email to Ben about this. See:

    What’s chaos will there be when WP 5.0 eventually appears?

    I have had to repeat this reply. My previous replies ended up in a black hole somewhere.




    Your last few posts on this topic was flagged as spam. I’ve unspammed them and deleted the duplicates.

    Now I cannot even add new posts to existing prompts. on the Daily Prompts page.

    If pingbacks from your site to the Daily Post are not working, please start a new thread so we can troubleshoot that separately. This thread is for feedback on this change, not for troubleshooting problems on individual sites.

    Also no reply from @supernovia to my request (earlier comment) to know how to set up a grid pattern.

    There is no way to do this. What @supernovia said was:

    if you have feature requests (like the ability to display pingbacks as a grid) let us know.

    Meaning, if enough people want something like that, we can open a feature request, and our developers can then look at the possibility of adding a feature like that. But currently that feature does not exist for regular WordPress.com sites – it was custom built for the theme the Daily Post uses.


    I’m writing a lot more than the posts that I can link to daily prompts, and I imagine that’s the case for lots of folks. Could we have a group where folks can suggest a writing prompt that’s related to what they’re writing about anyway, and one of them gets chosen? Or a group of seven takes turns every day? Or even once a month?



    @mijnschrijverij sure. Several people offered on that parting post to start their own systems, so you could get in touch with them to coordinate:

    Again, my favorite recommendation is to write about the things you care about and make appropriate use of tags to reach other folks who care about the same subjects.



    I was sad to see hat WordPress has stopped publishing daily prompts. It’s a valuable tool for bloggers like me to connect with other bloggers. Please please please restart the service.


    Please keep the daily prompt; it has been such a great place to discover other writers.



    That is not going to happen. Please read this https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2018/05/24/to-the-daily-post-community-thank-you/ and note this section there Where can Daily Post bloggers connect with each other and find inspiration?



    Thanks everyone for your feedback.


    Like everyone else, I’m devastated about the DP demise. Still interested in using the site, however, how do you write something AND then link your piece to something called “Daily-Prompt” now that there is no word link to use?


    Hi @writingitdownword
    My suggestion is to recycle old prompts from the Daily Prompt site (from 2 years ago).
    You can see a list at the bottom of this page:
    I have also set up a prototype blog using these prompts that some users may like to reproduce for their own prompts.


    Hi, thank you so much. My only issue is that I don’t appear to have the option to “like” the ReBlog option.

    I only have the free WordPress blog started 2 years ago—Is that why? On my top left hand side there are options like “sharing” and “site pages” but those do not take me to any “ReBlog” option.

    I have looked at other tabs and don’t see where tthe ReBlog option is—any ideas?


    Hi Shelby @writingitdownword
    Your Reblog button is showing on your site. I will Reblog your post on my site when or you add a comment to link to it or create a pingback on my site.


    Hi @writingitdownword I also have a free blog, started a year ago (this week). Sharing does take you to the right place- Click on Sharing buttons at the top of the page. No need for you to do this- the ReBlog button is already there on your site as mentioned in my other reply.


    Hi writingitdownword,

    The “Like” and “Reblog” buttons are being displayed on your individual posts:


    If you need any further help with these buttons, start a new thread so we can keep this thread about the Daily Prompt. We’ll be happy to look at your site there :)


    In my Daily Prompt blog, I have widened the range of choices for prompts for each day.

    Some of you may be interested in contributing or looking at some other Daily Prompt sites mentioned on my blog. See: https://flakback.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/more-prompts-and-guidelines/


    Oh, how very disappointed!! I looked forward to this everyday. It helped inspire me in my daily poetry writing.

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