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    I am wondering why WordPress is abolishing the Daily Prompt? I’ve been doing it every day for four years and find it valuable not only in jump-starting the daily writing process but also as a means of adding new bloggers to my favorites list. I am really really going to miss it and would like to encourage WordPress not to drop it. It is one of the things that makes WordPress valuable and unique and in dropping it it becomes yet one more internet site that is becoming increasingly less inviting and more mainstream (i.e. Match.com buying out OkCupid and taking away all of the features that made it such a unique site.) Does our blogging world have to become increasingly more vanilla?

    The blog I need help with is: judydykstrabrown.com



    It would be a real shame if we were to lose word prompt. It’s a great way to stimulate the creative juices of many and brings the community together.



    I am disheartened to see the daily prompt go. I looked forward to seeing what the prompt is each day. It helped me to keep to a post a day and allowed me to discover and connect with so many wonderful writers.


    It would seem a shame to cancel WP’s daily blogging word prompt. I have seen nothing like it for being a common denominator bringing the (writing) world together so easily! (Well, it’s easy on the bloggers’ end!) If the Prompt must go, I guess we’ll just have to (use and) search by tags, but it’s just not going to deliver the same results.




    I, too am distraught because Daily Post and Community Pool are being done away with. Both were valuable tools for connecting with and collaborating with a vast variety of bloggers with whom I would otherwise have had little chance of being exposed to. Two brief entries I posted yesterday more vividly express my frustration:



    Please don’t cancel Daily Post and Community Pool!




    Please don’t go Daily Prompt! I may avoid you much of the time, but you inspire me every day when I post!!



    Why WordPress, Why? Eveything that encourages us is being disposed of. Perhaps we are not worth it, are we too cheap?



    The Daily Prompt is so necessary to me. I have just started blogging here and it is the jump-start that I need. Please do not let it go!


    Dear WordPress, I wish to add my voice to that of Judy Dykstrabrown, requesting that WordPress please reconsider its position to discontinue the Daily Prompt.

    Quite apart from the benefits to individual bloggers in helping them improve their writing, and facilitating friendships between experienced and new bloggers, which is sufficient in its own right to make the Daily Prompt so very worthwhile – the Daily Prompt is the single most valuable forum that I’ve come across for building unity and understanding between such a diverse range of voices. Where other social media platforms build walls and tribes, the Daily Prompt provides a platform for us to come together in respectful conversation. It gives me much needed hope that we can overcome our differences and live together peacefully in a pluralistic global society, even if on occasion we agree to disagree.

    While Longreads and Discover can highlight issues (and publicise some great blogs), rarely are readers enabled to join the conversation. I honestly believe that continuation of the Daily Prompt is necessary to fill that gap. Sure, the Daily Prompt is not perfect. Some people do use it for purposes other than which it was intended, but my casual observation is that the majority of contributions do not abuse the privilege.

    When I first started blogging less than a year ago, I did so because I thought I had something worthwhile to say. As a result of the Daily Prompt, my blog is less about me, and more about putting others first. If my experience is replicated by other bloggers, then why wouldn’t WordPress want to see that continue? When I was discouraged, another blogger quoted Walt Whitman to me: “That you are here—that life exists and identity,
    That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

    Not every contribution to the Daily Prompt is going to change the world, but maybe the Daily Prompt can help us feel, in just a little way, that we belong to something bigger, something precious – humanity.

    Please reconsider your decision.

    Kind Regards.
    (Reflections of an Untidy Mind)



    Stay Daily Prompt, Stay.

    Its been well articulated above, particularly by Tracy and Judy. Its helped me, a first year blogger write daily, and connect to so many others, who I likely never would have discovered otherwise.

    A number of us are going to try and keep a prompt a day going, but without the central place to view submissions, it will be a much smaller pool, with less opportunity for new exposures.



    I have been a fan of your Weekly Photo Challenge and daily prompt for a long time. I know without those two challenges, I would never have built the community on WP I have now. I run many of my own challenges now and always refer back to your community “Events” page.

    The exposure your daily and weekly prompts give all of us is unbelievable. I have never one million views on my blog. And I could never have done that without these prompts.

    We all post for different reasons and have different goals. But those of us who use your prompts and those people in the future are mission out on great opportunities to get to know other bloggers. I love the community I built up over the few years I’ve blogging. I love being able to say, I could literally travel the globe and find other bloggers who would gladly invite me into their lives and show me around or have a wonderful conversation with.

    Cee Neuner, ceenphotography.com


    Hi everyone, thanks for reaching out. The Daily Prompt has been fun for us, too, and it’s sad to see it go. I’m glad it’s been good for you.

    If you didn’t already read this from our Editorial team, I recommend it, particularly the part about connecting with each other:

    Personally, I think it’s neat to see folks creating their own decentralized communities. I’m excited to see where that goes.


    I do not think WP cares what we think, but on the off chance they do, I think abolishing the Daily Post/Prompt makes no sense from any business standpoint. I think they just don’t want to do it any more. It’s unfortunate because it is something that gives a lot of people pleasure and speaks well of WP. Here’s my post on their decision and their message.


    As for it being “neat” that “folks” are creating their own “decentralized” communities — well, maybe, but they did that anyway. The advantage of the Daily Post/Prompt is that it IS centralized and makes it easy for new bloggers to connect and get inspiration and more seasoned bloggers have something to do just for fun and to maintain their connections.


    One of the reasons I choose WordPress as my blog platform was advice from a friend about first fridays and the community pool. Now that they’re gone – well.. you’ve lost your uniqueness. Will I Blog here when my years subscription is up? That remains to be seen but I’m definitely going to be researching and considering other platforms because you’ve taken away what I valued most.



    I’ve heard elsewhere that this ‘decision’ was probably part of the new regime. THEY (apparently) are after more business blogs (huh?) and thus less WRITER based blogs. Money is at the root of it. And perhaps the folks who were running the Dailies are bored with it. But then why not pass the torch to someone who IS interested in doing it? And let it stand. I’m joining my voice with those who want the Daily Prompt (photo AND written) to continue.
    Embeecee of Sparksfromacombustiblemind


    I’d like a word…

    One word,
    like a worm,
    which burrows beneath the earth,
    making tunnels that aerate,
    as it feeds from the dirt of
    creation, leaving
    nourishing casts in its wake
    for hungry roots to find,
    that green leaves
    may bud and swell.

    One word stretching,
    until it splits
    then splits and splits again,
    each time producing
    a different variation, while inspiration
    spills from the mind,
    filling the page.

    One word,
    a single germ
    from which infinite ideas can spring;
    practical, original, quirky or wise,
    making you cringe or opening your eyes,
    funny or sad or halfway between,
    places we dream of, secrets we’ve seen,
    old words of wisdom, new songs of praise,
    stories of future and long-ago days,
    matters of heart, of soul and of mind,
    jokes, truth and fiction of every kind,
    spiritual journeys and poems in all styles
    all unleashed from our cerebral files.

    One word that summons
    a dictionary in my head, and
    as I examine it,
    secrets and profundities unfurl. At first,
    they are like the hand of a child,
    uncertain of a gift I am offering,
    until sentences begin
    to form.

    Words that whirl,
    arranging and rearranging.
    Patterns that change until all
    is written, and the truth that lay hidden; be it
    humble or illustrious, can be gloriously revealed.

    In this way, one word can expand
    to encompass the world.

    I press publish, and share,
    but if I link it to the Daily Press,
    this is only the beginning
    of the journey.

    However, if Word Prompt ceases…

    One word:

    ©Jane Paterson Basil



    What is the purpose of the Word Press information section which will train new and budding bloggers in the art of blogging if the Daily Prompt feature is ended?

    I am paying a yearly fee to have my own blog site and am appalled that your finance department is now telling me that if I do not pay the rental fee by July 1 2018 I will forfeit the right to use the site name and all things attached to this.

    I am not alone in saying that this WP Daily Prompt is a much needed learning tool that new and even not so new site embers can benefit from.

    If you need the funding to continue this feature why not ask loyal readers to pay a yearly fee so that the service will continue uninterrupted.

    I hope you will listen to our appeal.

    Thank you.


    I was really upset too about the impending demise of the Daily Post.

    I wrote this blog article, funnily enough, I have since not received any of the remaining word prompts, I think they blocked me….

    Dee Kelly from the blog Thriving Not Surviving and myself https://Talesfromthemindofkristian.wordpress.com
    are collaborating on doing a daily word prompt of our own. It won’t have quite the reach of the Daily post but the more people that take part and share it, the better it will be. Of course the best scenario would be if they changed their minds…

    Please check out my post below.




    Dear WordPress,
    The Daily Post and its prompts are an invaluable service, responsible for lots of words getting written, especially poems. Please don’t create a void. The world will be a darker place. Please, please reconsider.

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