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    I setup Stripe as a payment option on my website using the keys from my Stripe account. I juts had my first sale and WooCommerce created a new Stripe account for whatever reason. Stripe is telling me that they can’t merge the two accounts. But I don’t want two.
    And I don’t want to go through the whole setup process just to get my money.

    What do I do now? And why did it happen in the first place?
    Grateful for any insights!


    Hi there,

    If you have WooCommerce installed on a WordPress.com Business Plan or have a paid WooCommerce extension on a self-hosted site you can open a ticket while logged into your account at:


    But, if your site is self-hosted and built using the WordPress.org open software, you’ll need to seek assistance from their forums which can be found at:


    These forums are for WordPress.com hosted websites. If you want to know the difference between the two, you can find more information in this document:




    Thanks! I had a hard time finding those forums! Thanks for the link!

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