Woocommerce Facebook integration problems

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    Hi – I have set up my shop using woocommerce and the official Facebook for Woocommerce app and I’m tearing my hair out. In a nutshell everything APPEARS to be set up correctly and the inventory of my products shows up correctly in Facebook as a catalogue etc.
    However, when I log in to Facebook and look at the shop there’s nothing, just a notice that I ‘have to add products to create an inventory’. In frustration I’ve created an item via facebook, and when i do this it shows up, along with a tantalising new button that says ‘manage your catalogue’. If I click this I can then go to a page with some info about ads and a drop down option where two catalogues are listed. The first is the single item I created in Facebook to give the shop an inventory, and the second is a full inventory of all the items in my woocommerce shop.
    I can toggle between the two to see the relevant ‘catalogue’ and products but I can’t set the radio buttons for further action. The woocommerce catalogue disappears when i switch back to the ‘shop’ view.

    Any help / suggestions greatly appreciated

    The blog I need help with is 2fsdesign.com.



    Hi there,

    The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin is made and supported by Facebook, as indicated on the WooCommerce.com page for that plugin.


    If you click the Support link on that page it will take you to Facebook’s support page here:


    We’re not able to help with this here in the forums for free WordPress.com sites, and while your Business Plan gives you 24/7 access to live chat via the contact form at https://wordpress.com/help/contact, live chat support also won’t be able to help with this, as we have no control over how that plugin works. Only Facebook has.



    Hi kokkieh –
    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I am aware that the plugin is a Facebook plugin, but I have no way of knowing whether the issue I’m encountering is related to the facebook end, the wordpress end, or the woocommerce end of my installation, or something I’m doing ‘wrong’. A link I was given by your business plan support yesterday led me to an article that states woocommerce shop integration is only available in the USA and Canada, for example, and I don’t know whether that’s an old page link that hasn’t been updated or the root of my problems!

    The reason I have posted here is because I’m hoping there might be forum users out there who have encountered and resolved the same problems – a quick Google search suggests I’m far from the only one having these issues. I wasn’t specifically asking for help from support staff, more making use of the knowledge base the forum offers.

    Are you saying that now I’ve upgraded to business plan I shouldn’t post here, and if that’s the case is there a forum (or an e-mail support ticket form) that business users can post to? Live chat wasn’t very helpful because it tied me into an online conversation that just replicated all the steps I have already taken on my own initiative, linking me to the general setup walkthroughs for the two plugins involved.

    As I say, I’m not asking directly for help from yourself or other staff – just making use of the forum knowledge base. Hope that makes sense, and REALLY hope that someone who’s encountered this issue and resolved it can offer me some suggestions soon!


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